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Sunday, 5 January 2014

New Year Round Up

Hello everyone, and welcome to a brand new year.  Its a bit of a round up this time as I have a few bits of info and no overall theme.

People who often annoy us.

Do you watch Celebrity Big Brother the equivalent of pond dipping the z list talent pool, they have a line up that is semi interesting as it has both Liz Jones and Dappy in it this year.  Liz Jones is the archetypal cat lady / militant vegan, think Kathleen Turner in The War of the Roses for mentalness and you'll not go far wrong.  Dappy is the little cunt who was in N Dubz, his only claim to fame is getting kicked in the head by a horse and suffering no mental damage at all.

Like Celebrity Jungle with Steve Davis I'm not going to put myself out to watch this as you know its dull as fuck but until I saw a brief bit of news online I thought this was some sort of wind up.

Further looking into this has a few more celebs such as Jim Nick Nick Davidson, Evander Holyfield, Lionel Blair and Sam Faiers from TOWIE.  Its on channel 5 if you really care enough to watch this shit but I'll be there a month or two later when CSI Vegas is back.

Identity Thief.

Possibly the worst film  I've seen in a long while, normally I don't do film but this is a comedy and so decided to watch it.  I really wish I didn't, its a modern comedy so there aren't really any good jokes in it just humiliation and swearing so you're distracted from the fact that it isn't funny.   At all.

Short precis, bloke has his Identity stolen by one of the fat slags, he decides to track her down after his card is declined and bring her to justice.  There is a bounty hunter guy and some drug dealers (X Files I Want To Believe's Amanda Peet and T.I (Texas Instruments)) but they're not troubling the plot any and in the end it all gets a bit syrupy as she's sent down and the guy gets back with his family, and is fucking awful every single minute.  I like my comedies like Airplane, hilarious, this didn't even make me laugh, once.  Its not the swearing, hell, for some folk thats just punctuation, but its not comedy its just laziness.  It means you can't write for shit and are relying on the gross out humour and swears to carry it.

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