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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Clearing out my cupboard.

Been as the title says clearing out my cupboard, rearranging deckchairs as you will, stuff found includes a long forgotten and hilariously Engrishy pron mag, some old coursework books that are bound for recycling and more magazines than you can shake a stick at.

Most of the mags apart from the pron were either Fortean Times going way back to the 90's, Edge including a few early ones, Retrogamer and Carriers Kitchen featuring camp chef Robert Carrier.

I remember collecting these back in the day and have most of them either (not kidding IIRC its only some issues in the 50's and 60's that I'm missing).  They were a special occasion cookery partwork from the 1980's and a product of their time, devoting areas to certain ingredients, regions and wine and other booze. Nowadays, partworks are all about building a replica Yamamoto battleship or Winston Churchill out of pasta in 108 weekly installments.

The first installment is always at a special price of £1.99 and comes with churchills cigar / or a bit of keel, regular issues are of course much much more, but by the time you've built anything substantial it will of course long since disappeared.  They're normally done by De Agostini but back in the day Marshall Cavendish were the kings of the partwork.

There were a few that I keep seeing over the years including Input (a 1980s series for computer users), Supercook a culinary encyclopedia and range of sugarcraft items, and How To Fix it, a partwork based on DIY.  None of these were ever completed by anyone and remaining parts and stuff clogged up cupboards, lofts, garages and under the bed before being sold off at a bootsale, charity shop or binned.

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