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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Cyber Patrol.

This is a sort of round up, I've spent the best part of an hour updating an old PC with Windows updates. As you can tell it runs XP and was a refugee from work.  It was pretty much infected with a pretty nasty piece of malware called CyberPatrol a net monitoring software on serious drugs.  When I first had it you couldn't really do anything with the PC as it was part of the start up sequence and blocked nearly all internet access and install of stuff. We managed to get administrator access and install a few programs including Revo Uninstaller which manage to banish most of it, though when I did go online it still blocked updates.

For those unaware of this program, its a sort of net nanny on drugs, if you really don't want your kids seeing something they shouldn't, I'm sure there are better products that do not block Windows updates, Antivirus updates and pages related to both of those topics as well as stuff to remove it by default.

We were lucky in that I added Linux Mint as a dual boot and could use that to surf the net with (windows programs do not bother linux) and look for solutions.  This is the most comprehensive uninstall instructions I've found so far.  Indeed when I did look at my registry there was stuff left behind including stubborn Norton antivirus traces and a few bits and pieces of Cyber Patrol lurking in HKEY  Software.  I don't know if it worked or not as its not connected up to my router since I made it automatically update windows, but if its free of that pox then I'll chalk that up as a success.

Finally I'll leave you with this grabbed from useless phones camera as its the first flower of the new year.

Aloinopsis Schoonesii

Edit It wasn't it still blocks certain things like windows update and the likes good job I have Linux Mint and its an old machine.  I'm guessing reinstalling windows might do some good here so back up (I have nothing) and bite the bullet.

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