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Sunday, 24 November 2013


Well I'm starting to warm to the new logins google have set up, for those blogger users who want to know were everything is, it can be found under Dashboard and then blogs weirdly enough, you just have to login.  I still hate broken old Google+ though and they're right cunts google for forcing it on us, as its broken and horrible, I'd rather use the old fashioned way of engaging (or not) with my subscribers via comments rather than the broken system they have now.

Anyway this isn't another google rant but rather a nice announcement instead. Lugia 2009 finally released his epic rework of  Final Fantasy 7 for the NES.  Lindblum (and a few others) did the original translation and hack of the Chinese original but left many of the maps and sprite artwork untouched.  This is a massive revamp along with new sprite work and scenes as well as some difficulty rebalancing as well. 

Much more information here complete with link to patches but no ROMS. 

The original game was a homebrew remake of the original game for the NES by the company Shenzhen Nanjing.  Its pretty strange as both its cart and board are unique running on Mapper 162 from one rom bank.  Wikipedia has a pretty good write up here if want more. I had a look on Bootleg Wikia but they've just used what was already on Wiki already.

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