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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Caveman days

Its finally come to this that Google have fucked around with the blogger template so that I can no longer log into this blog via Firefox and have to use Internet Explorer instead (I can't update this blog when I use my aunts PC so its nothing new).  To me it's akin owning a car and instead of filling up with petrol ripping out the engine and adding a coal boiler instead just because steam worked so well in the 19th century.  Truly prehistoric. 

Incidentally this is just what this post is largely about, cavemen thinking and outdated ideas being posed as some sort of brilliant new idea or solution, but to show them up for what it is prehistoric nonsense.

I've moaned about the gap between the age of consent and being able to star in porno before and didn't realize that there was a similar gap between smoking and being able to by tobacco products.
I don't smoke so don't really care much for it but when I was younger it was also something you could also do at 16 if you really wanted to die young of cancer. It wasn't until a young guy who works on our team asked if I could get some fags for him (we're English so it isn't what you were thinking) that I found out there was a big difference in the ages you are able to legally smoke and being able to buy your own fags.   

Then I found out that a few of the many filehosts have been blocked on certain ISPs here, Rapidlibrary for starters and Filecrop for hosting copyright material in a futile attempt to stop theft.  I suspect a VPN or tor would get round this but for now one of my favourite waste of time games has been taken down.

I call it the Rapidlibrary game. For this you will need to pick a word off of the top of  your head and enter it into the search box.

Next hit enter and check the last 10 search enquiries on you left and see which is the sickest porn you can see on that list.  You get no points at all just for doing this and never ever download anything you'll find on that list (most of its highly illegal).  Its just a fun diversion and also proves that most of the people searching on there are massive perverts.

Finally, M and M games have a new home in Croydon, moving out of their previously tiny place in the little arcade and into a much larger and nicer premesis out by Cash Converters. I was massively impressed by the amount of retro game stuff there including a shedload of Super Famicom carts (I clocked a Star Ocean and a few Romancing Sa.Gas loose as well as a few famicom games for good measure).  Makes me sad that my SNES went to its great graveyard in the sky ages ago, not that my Nihongo is any good.
Just proves that some old stuff is still good.

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