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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Islington Junk Tour.

We decided, as it was an absolutely vile day, to take a trip to Walthamstow and go on to somewhere else as a spur of the moment thing rather than plan anything at all.

After doing well we decided on the way back to look round Islington and Highbury as A. it was on the Victoria line and didn't have to change trains or even lines and B. It was somewhere I had never been before. 

Most of my Charity shop haul had at that point come from Oxfam in Walthamstow, some ace singles there including The Beloved Your love takes me Higher and Ongaku 3 (Pink Elln and Atom Heart) which are ace.
So we decided to exit the tube and see what delights Islington has in store. 

Short answer not much.

Longer answer as follows.

If you are remotely leftwing or a ponce that gets off on the whole organic, wholefood, sustainable wankery that is wrong with modern society then Islington is quite probably heaven to you but for me its kind of a living hell.  There are only so many bearded lefties one can take before you positively have to kill everyone in the room, and this was my tipping point.  As you come out of the station you will find a Marie Curie cancer research shop, not only is it massive but its the only charity shop you'll find for miles around.  They didn't have a bad selection at all, with a massive array of both CDs and records, we managed to find some old Guerilla records stuff including D.O.P. so was reasonably happy. 

We decided to trek down the high street and found out a few troubling things about Islington, their sole supermarkets are either Waitrose or Budgens (I had to google where my nearest Budgens was, because up until that point I'd never actually seen one in the flesh.)  After a trek past the 7th identical ethnic cafe, (although with no actual ethnic people there, I don't think I saw a black face once) we came to a token working class cafe called Workers Cafe, a name so weirdly marxist you may just stick up a sign saying, Here be Proles. 

On the plus side I did see Schram and Scheddle from the Michael Rosen poem of the same name, though it was on the other side of the street so didn't go in.  We went past a McDonalds and ended up in Angel which had a Cancer Research shop complete with a well stocked vinyl selection.  We got a Funkstorung album and I love Sourcelab 3 with Jean Jacques Perry and some early Black Strobe (I'm a sucker for electro and weirdness), before getting the tube back home.

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