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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Drummer Lee.

Untill yesterday, I hadn't really paid much attention to the whole Woolwich terrorist thing.  True I've seen bits and pieces on the news and in the papers, and even watched clips of  the two suspects being shot on line, but what I hadn't done was take a trip up there and see the site where it all happened. 

Yesterday I decided to take a trip up to the Meridian bootsale and en route stop off and look at all the floral tributes laid out.  Its actually really heartbreaking and poignant to see everyones tributes, most are where you would expect them to be (where he died at the junction of Rectory Road and John Wilson Street) but there was also more outside the Army Barracks as well.

As well as poems and messages there were a few Man U shirts (which I didn't like as I support Liverpool) as well as massive amount of flowers and a action man.  Reading various tributes from army personnel, islamic leaders and concerned members of the public it shows just how heartfelt this was and such a shock that this happened.   There were a few people with me also looking as well as a healthy police presence too (supposedly there would be a BNP march from the barracks but Scotland Yard prevented it from going ahead) just in case something happened. 

The bootsale wasn't so bad, with the fair amount of chinese selling electrical stuff including what looked like an analogue synth of some description and a big Concertmate toy organ (both of which I'd have snapped up if I wasn't walking home).  We got a PS2 game Strikers 45 1+2 from Play it (Psikyo) and some good records including
Bravo Free on Quark Records,
Adriano Celetano prisencolinensinainciusol
Jay Mondi Take me away (cover of Bridget Grace / Pin up Girls classic)
and Nicolette O Si Ne Ne on the excellent Shut up and dance records label.

Finally I'll leave you with this leaflet I picked up recently which seems to sum up everyones feelings perfectly.

R.I.P Lee.

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