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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Farewell Old Friend

Before I start on this weeks topic here is a sentence I never thought I would say, I actually agree with a Liz Jones column.  Specifically this one on Red Nose Day.  Though we may share different ideas about this, (she finds it inherently patronising and borderline racist whereas I just find it to be overpromoted, cynical and promotes an involuntary give us your fucking money culture rather than leaving it voluntary).  Africas main problem is and will always be corruption, and I would rather pay for items in a charity shop or put small change into one of these than "do something funny for money" see also children in need as well.

This is of course not what I wanted to talk about, but rather the slow decline and demise of my old PC.  Bought back in 2003 for a grand along with my first digital camera (also fucked)and Printer thrown in (ditto) and was home to our first Dial Up internet connection (to AOL of all places, now cancelled).

It had a lot wrong with it in the end, starting with it not being able to play DVDs properly, having virtual memory problems, adding a Zonealarm firewall introduced a host of problems and corrupted a lot of things  prompting an upgrade to a vista pc.. It lost a USB port due to the clumsy git installing my broadband, before  it was relegated upstairs, offline and out of sight pressed into service to print the odd document or emulation fun. 

Its final decline was announced by finding an old XP machine chucked out at work, slightly better processor and with a flat screen to boot.  We took it home and cleared some hideous cyberpatrol rubbish off it and a load of Turkish MP3s.  It was then that my old machines fate was sealed,  I spent half a day off taking it apart keeping various bits and pieces (mouse and keyboard as well as a kettle lead for my new monitor) and reserving my old HD before it went to the tip.

Here are a few pictures I shot to say goodbye.

DVD, CDR, and Floppy are your choice of drive.
They tied a knot in our power lead!
Groovy carpet check, Extra gubbins check.
On board Video by NVidia.
256MB of DDR RAM.


  1. Hey there, sorry to post on this entry (my comment is in relation to old TCC shows) but I figure there is more of a chance of you seeing it on a recent entry. Huge fan of older TCC shows and really liked your blogs on them. Trying to figure out the names of a few shows myself. Maybe you can help? BTW Chas the rabbit was part of an act with with ventriloquist Ken Ellis who had several puppets. He also did a TCC made programme called 'Silly Fairy Stories' in which he would try to read a fairy tale to Chas the rabbit, but the rabbit was always interrupting and ruining it.

    1. Thanks for that, I never knew the name of Chas's puppeteer, or remember Silly Fairy Stories for that matter, but it does sound ace.