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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Round up time again. TV Special

Round up time sees us revisit some old haunts and this time we bring you Mike Levey and Ian which we may have told you about before (we can't seem to find it but to be honest it was infomercials on Lifestyle TV).

A post on the funny pictures thread linking to Infomercial dunces brought this up, not only the name of the two guys presenting (we knew these already) but the name of the show too Amazing Discoveries.

For those who didn't know Mike was amazed and amazed about everything, his helper was Ian a northern type with a handy gadget, be it a handy mixer on a stick, stuff for cleaning car paintwork (includes junked bonnet which they set fire to) or the ubiquitous exercise stuff (it will fold down flat to fit under your bed).

We did a cursory glimpse for anything relating to the childrens channel but there was nothing apart from idents this strange thing in Dutch with some stuff I had long forgotten about (including teletext pages proving that Stories without words existed after all and lasted all morning).  We also got a response to one of our posts asking if we remember something from mid 1992 but to be honest we don't remember it.  Possibly from the same era Head to Head with Violet Berlin was on along with a live action show of the same ilk but this time featuring Mario 3 (it has a canadian guy that I forgot the name of presenting). 

Also included is the pervy sounding drama Interbang, a show about two kids finding mini statutes of the leaning tower of Pisa and having to solve a mystery of some sort, remember it being fun.

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