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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Olympic Bootsale fest 2012.

Because this is an Olympic year and because its turning out to be in my eyes one of the most hateful things ever,  I'm going to describe our trip to a small bootsale next to our main Olympic venue.


The torch relay came through our town on the Saturday which meant Woolwich was packed with people for once.  Don't worry by the time we got there it was all over leaving the surreal site of some police dancing to reggae being played on a trumpet.  Our final destination was of course Charlton Meridian Sports ground right in the bastard heart of the Olympics.  For the uninitiated its situated close to the army barracks and directly on Woolwich common which has been commandeered for small arms shooting events and I think archery.  There is a proper boss looking arena up there that looks like a Yakult pack designed by mental patients.

Left Yakult Right Yakult on drugs.

All this meant the bastard roads were closed due to the Fucking Olympics, and we had to take a massive detour to reach our destination.  We finally got there and paid 50P to get in we had a good look around, there still are massive amounts of Africans and gypsies selling pirate and a few old food dealers, but our interest was piqued by a few reggae greats.  One stall had Homophobic classic Boom Bye Bye by Buju Bumchum (Banton).  Not sure what they wanted for this but as I despise dancehall and ragga it didn't come home with us.   There was a massive amount of synthetic trance for sale at one stall including Prodigy Charly
(which we have and of course is old hardcore).  But though I'm dance, we really can't take too much pounding trance so we gave up after the third box. 

We had much better luck at an africans stall, we picked up a few records there including the excellently titled Clusterfunk Do Me Right, a Doris Norton EP, Direct Drive (Synth pop and not house) and best of all Cosmic Force Uncompromised EP.  Oh yeah baby they had Clone / Creme Org stuff (and a load of reggae.) which due to the stall holders dodgy maths cost me £6 rather than £8 a result. 

We decided to walk back past the Yakult Center and over the common down to Woolwich.  We passed by a Nun walking up the street and back passed the big screen in General Gordon place which by this time had gotten rid of its Reggae police and had a dancing builder (I kid you not).  Walking through Woolwich we saw weird Christian groups including street preachers (always there) an african singing with a small dog and a group also singing from the Potter ministeries (not Harry).  We stopped off in Cex which has taken the place of our Gamestation, thanks to Games near bankruptcy, and came across gold. 

We've been looking on and off for Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor for a while now, we had the rom up and running in DesMuMe (You'll need to fiddle with the screen outputs to get the text legible) but in all honesty what we wanted was the real deal running on our DS.   So imagine our surprise when scanning the shelves for stuff we spotted this amongst all the dog poking / pretend teacher sims.  For the princely sum of £12 it comes home with us.  All in all a brilliant end to a excellent day.

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