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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Holiday Highlights.

This is a quick update giving a quick thumbs up / thumbs down guide to our recent holiday. We detailed Botanicactus in our last post though it'll get on here simply for having an eyed hawkmoth.

OK Here goes.

Various calas around our resort.  Its catalan or possibly Spanish for bay, Platja/ playa being beach in both, they were rather nice little beaches with the smaller bay having a massive pine tree for shade and good amount of sea life for snorkelling. 

General wildlife. 
Our balcony had house martins nesting in the beams, so you could see the young poke their heads out of the nest and the adults barrel in and feed them or if you got too close abort at the last second and fly away.  They would wheel around and do all sorts of insane acrobatics.  They reminded me of little spitfires crossed with jets and their aeronautic abilities were incredible.  Sadly due to some bullshit by the hotel, we had  to change rooms on the wednesday so we never saw the little guy fledge.
So were's me grub then?
Other stuff we saw was a scorpion in our shower, not sure if its poisonous or what but most are and a wall gecko, though this was only in the last week or so.

Plantwise. There was plenty of cacti for us and tubs full of little Aloes including some of the Littoralis types and what looked like Melalucea in flower / seed.  Incidentally this was the first time I've ever seen red flowered platyopuntia, your archetypal flat pad prickly pear.  There was plenty of the original yellow flowered versions as well.
So red and spiny.

Finally we saw a sea hare but was not sure if it was alive or dead.

Cover acts.
They had a load of cover acts with varying degrees of badness.  We have a Rod Stewart that looked like Keith Chegwin, a Whitney Houston that looked like a gorilla in a dress and a duo that covered everything from Creedence to Sam and Dave (sic) as well as Usher.  Best of all was walking along the street and coming across a bar covering Love and Happiness by Ron Hardy (though they played the Al Green original  rather than the proper house beat we know and love)


Our hotel was nice and we got an upgrade to an suite room, however on the Monday before we went home we had a letter posted on our door saying we had to move and come to reception.  We did and they gave us some cock about a leak from our room.  There was no leak and we saw them later putting in a minibar, they did give us two new rooms and a packed lunch but it was the principle of the thing rather then being cocking deceitful about it.

Even worse was to come. We missed our flight home due to them Thomson being bellends about the coach home.  A coach pulled up and they didn't call out and when we did query the name they said no.  Of course this was our coach and they pulled off.  We had to get a cab to the airport and fuck about getting new flights as Thomson were of course no use.  We can do you tomorrow, cough.  So we took our trade to Easyjet who took our cash and got us flights home a mere two hours later.

Yeah we are putting in a complaint for them dicking us around.

El Mejor sito de Musica Libre Electronica
Oh and in unrelated news we'll be putting up a music blog soon its called RobotNuncaVisto and heres the header for it. We listen to a lot of music so we'll share the joy of this with any good stuff heard.  If its made.

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