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Sunday, 15 July 2012

A few updates.

We have a few updates to certain things.  We finally got our scanner working again so we can give you the official Botanicactus leaflet.

Botanicactus with pertinent information in 4 languages.
A Map of the grounds.
Some rather nice artwork and a layout that reminds me of the old cactus park in Tenerife.  We did have a leaflet for that ages ago but it is of course closed down now.

OUYA not quite my fantasy phone.

We got news of this from the message boards up on RHDN and thought it looked cool.  Its an open source android based console that anyone can develop for.   Openly hackable and customisable, it should allow the tech savvy to play their way so to speak.   There is a nice video presented by an American Shirley Carter lookalike on the main site and a begging button, so you can donate cash to them.  Now how about a handheld version of that running android and letting you play phone games as well as emulation.

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