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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Nuthatch and friends.

We took a trip out to Oxleas Woods today, seeing as its A. a nice day and B. our camera is fully charged so good for a photo opportunity.

Its a nice place, ideal for dog walkers (plenty of dogs there) and bird watching.  We saw a few things that were quite nice including a Robin, a few crows and a lot of Ring Necked Parakeets.  They seemed to have proliferated over the years and now can be found all over south London and not just in the suburbs either, they can be seen down by the railway in work and in most parks nowadays.  What you really want to know is about the nuthatches.

 It was on the way back to the car we saw it, while looking at a parakeet in a tree we noticed a small bird hacking at the trunk of a tree, but didn't recognise it as any of our local woodpeckers. Small and blue, we suddenly twigged that it was a Nuthatch.  It was a nice round up to our day and though we didn't get a shot of it, it was pretty cool to see.

Oh and if you are interested in a nice Kanji dictionary (and don't have JDICT as one of your search box options) then this isn't a bad alternative and also has some US centric info on Nuthatches.

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