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Sunday, 29 January 2012

NeoGeo Pocket Vapourware edition

I don't own a mobile, that means there will be no Android or  Iphone evangelism here and the only blackberry I've ever owned is of the fruit variety, so when someone makes a device like this its pretty hard not to shout out genuine want.

Of course its not a phone, but if its real then this could be worth looking into.  We'll regurgitate some stats from Andriasangs news story where it first emerged via the Famicom Plaza site.
Pocket Neo Geo, vapourware or ripoff only you can decide?.


4.3 screen
2GB internal storage
20 internal games including

Magician Lord
Ultimate 11
Samurai Shodown
and pretty much every other launch game for the original Neo Geo line up including Cyberlip and no ones favourite League Bowling*.
oh and a slot for a SD Card.

Though often billed on sites as a return of  the Neo Geo Pocket, if it really is (if it exists) its would best be termed as a Pocket NeoGeo.  Its a nice idea and would certainly sell if there was any indication that SNK were behind this.  However there is a massive elephant in the room about the whole thing, it doesn't seem the least bit official.  The thread over at RHDN has been pretty anti about the whole thing, poking holes in everything to the font used to where the whole market for this would be (my guess China). 

The worrying thing about it is this, the more I look at it, the more I see the type of shoddy products, so excellently made fun of over at   Though would secretly love to see this made, its a Neo Geo in your palm after all, I get the feeling its made of fail.

Even more dubious is the fact that the original link has vanished from Famicom Plaza, which never mentioned where they got it from, though andriasangs link is mirrored in a lot of places. seems to think along my lines that its a mock up or at least an unlicensed product.

The idea of  a handheld NEO GEO and not just a pocket is an intriguing though, done right it could actually generate some money for SNK Playmore .  In fact if they could only add an analogue stick and buttons to an Iphone / Android capable handset and you would have a pretty decent phone along with some kick ass games (we would love big tournament golf and Neo driftout 95) and more crucially above physical controls to play with.

Finally a brief bit of googling brings this up for Droid lovers though god knows if it works, (apple fans of course have Imame as a option too).

Edit. It looks like this is actually official.  Blaze will be handling the distribution duties in Western Europe and Australia, so expect it to be more along the lines of their Handheld Megadrives and NES, kind of tech.

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