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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Lawrence Logic

It may or may not have escaped your attention that the outcome of the recent Stephen Lawrence cold case trial has finally arisen.  The jury have deliberated and decided to hand down a ritual decapitation a guilty verdict to both defendants.  Currently they will serve 30 years between them and there are calls for the rest of the gang to face trial untill they are found guilty and have large root vegetables shoved up their fundaments for the rest of their lives.  Possibly while wearing Oswald Moseley masks in some seedy dungeon/prison cell.

If the above seems ludicrous then its no more than what the press have been reporting regarding this outcome,
First of all you would need concrete proof, a confession from either David Norris or Gary Dobson or evidence either fresh (as in the recent blood evidence from the cold case trial) or reexamined from that collected at the time.   Wishful thinking will NOT be enough in this case, only a strict reexamination of all evidence, or a confession will succeed here. 

From what I gather the original investigation would be best described as Clouseauesque in its execution, (certainly the Lawrence family were badly served by the police in this regard) with several flaws in the way evidence was stored and how the overall case itself was handled.  Hopefully a lot has been learned through Macpherson (and evidence collection and storage procedures) so that this does not happen again.

Anyway we are not knocking the outcome,  it may have taken 18 years, a change in the law and a cold case review to finally bring his killers to justice and peace of mind to his family. 

As a side note, reading through the Mails press coverage, on how our area has changed (like my blog post on horrible answers to difficult questions but much more eloquently put) I came across an AIDS theory I heard from someone at sixth form in the 1990's.   The theory goes that AIDS was spread to the Human population due to africans having sex with Green Monkeys.   Which is of course bollocks.

I'd blocked it out due to vagaries of memory at the time (that and the person who said it, was a racist) so it was completely odd to see it come up again after all these years. 

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