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Sunday, 22 January 2012


This is basically a round up of stuff and a further why we can't have nice things rant, due to the whole S(c)OPA  PIPpA blinkered piracy sledgehammer.
S(c)OPA Largely Unwanted.

The return of MSU1.

One of the first posts I made was looking at BSNES, specifically MSU1, a part of BSNES that acted like the rumored CDROM drive, adding a whopping 4GB data allowance and overriding the in built cartridge limitations.  Now it seems that someone is not only creating new games that take advantage of this device, but that someone is making a SD compatible flash cart/MSU1 hybrid.  Personally I think its a brilliant idea and can wholeheartedly support both projects, (especially as i'm playing through d4s / ryusuis excellent retranslation of Breath Of Fire 2). 

Which brings us to our main news.  Megaupload, the popular filehost is out of comission due to being taken down by the FBI.  As a filehost they weren't bad actually, no captcha, no fifteen minute wait and downloads were reasonably fast, true you got ads but they were easily blockable.  We never got much from there to be honest, a few PS1 / Saturn games from long dead companies and that was it.  Stuff that would never be translated in a million years, or stuff that you never find for sale.   Which is why I'm so against SOPA / PIPA
going ahead.

Having read a potted history of the bill on Wikipedo, I'm largely against it.  It will prove to be a thin end of the wedge for censorship and the kind of repurposing of copyright material some communties do.  It'll hit the YTP communities and those that emulate on a regular basis.  You'll need to own physical copies of what you play rather than download from sites (and god help you if those discs scratch especially some of those saturn games).  Theres no GOG for console games at the moment though Monkey paw games are getting there for gaming obscurities. 

This is what you'll lose, there is no provision for playing obscure games, creating new works from film clips,  YTP in all its forms or even home remixing of current tracks.  These avenues will cease to be, along with the ability to shut down what you don't like and shut out what you can't understand.

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