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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Work, Safe.

Heres a brief bit of round up of stuff and for once a breaking of the golden rule (no talking about work)
It'll also give you an insight into what I was doing 12 years or so back.

I had course to visit the estate where I first worked all those years back due to a lack of staff, and really took stock in whats changed between now and then.

Its quite alright the people who I worked with are all retired with one exception and are thought of semi fondly if at all. 

The upshot of all this navel gazing is this, sod all has changed to the blocks itself with the exception of new talky lifts in each block.  What was our tea room then, still floods even now, and venturing to the other parts of the estate reinforced my opinion that it hadn't really got even better.  They seemed to have a lot of stores in there something which would please my old chargehand (though he would prefer to be known as Senior Caretaker or idle git behind his back). 

"'Ere boy, we've got a big codgle of stores in, the blokes gawn an' come down with the truck an' dropped it off.
(for those who really don't speak South London I'll flag up a translation,)

We've got a massive amount of stores in.  It seems the delivery man has dropped it off of the lorry for us.

Codgle/Codule is one of those words that seem to be either old school cockney or South London, that you never hear anymore.  It seems to relate to amounts of things and on one or to occasion about a persons dick (like all good Brit slang having double or even triple meanings).

One good thing is that we don't have any sheltered accommodation to deal with now, no bins, no salt to put in the water systems and no cups of tea with the wardens and residents in our breaks.

It also lead to one of the most baffling experiences of my life so far.  While clearing out some wheelie bins we found a collection of porn.  Given its location (sheltered housing) and the nature of the magazines (we had new cunts and a color climax along with several others) baffles me to this day.  Were they owned by the wardens, or some horny old dude throwing out his stash of pr0n.  It was just the most hilarious thing finding hardcore filth in the bins.  Nowadays you don't even get  an Escort let alone that. 

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To celebrate the reissue on Bunker of The Rise and Fall of Manuel Noriega, Tower of Gypsies (baroque electro weirdness can recommend this whole heartedly) and Klaus Kinski,  Legowelt is offering up signed versions of these tracks to those who can submit a Panama style tropical Paradise.   The catch.  The comp closes tomorrow.   Pics can be done in either Paint. (PC) GIMP (Mac) (Which I've never got working) DPaint 3 for the tru Amigans, or even hand coloured and scanned in.

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