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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Hot one on one round up action

An awful lot of stuff has happened so far this week and not all of it pleasant.  We lost Amy Winehouse over the weekend.  We always joked that she should have done a cover of Deee-lites Groove is in the heart before she died of drugs, I guess its not to be now.   To be honest I can't see any major dance music artist getting the same coverage when they go. 

Rest assured when Juan Atkins, RDJ or Roni Size passes into the great hereafter it will not be front page news. Not even worth a small quarter page column on page 23 news near the lottery results cos when it comes to dance music, we don't matter.  We lost Aaron Carl to cancer last year and earlier this year disco diva Loletta Holloway suffered a heart attack and died, yet neither warranted column inches in any of the main newspapers.  Or if it did they were very small.  

You may like to think of dance music as a bunch of faceless guys fiddling with synths and stuff, or worst case scenario music that can simply provide a backing for the latest rap track.

For instance, JLO stole the hook from the  Boss Theme from Parasol Stars as a backing theme for Get on tha Floor. Snoop lifted Felix Don't you want me wholesale for his track, Wet, and Jason the Rolo has a bastardized version of Robin S Show Me Love on his track Don't Wanna Go home.

Saddest of all, gay fish and funny specs wearer Kanye West has 2 cOunts against him.  First for lifting Daft Punks Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger the second unforgivable crime is using AFXs excellent Avril 14 for a pile of old toss featuring John Legend.  

In other news we found a picture of Benny From Crossroads thrown out at work.  It is the campest thing I've seen, sadly though its seems to have gone missing so here have a picture of Dizeeeeee Rascal (Ripping off Stevie Vs Dirty Cash) instead.

Dizee Rascal Workout via Billys Boocamp.

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