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Monday, 4 July 2011

Genetics, Kin and all that jazz.

If you are wondering why the regular Sunday service wasn't updated, we have the perfect excuse.  We were watching the Annoying Orange (hey apple)  and the Super Mario World Cartoon, MAMA Luigi (the original non pooped version no doubt) on Youtube.  With someone special.

To paraphrase we were down my aunts house in Suffolk for the weekend, and she'd brought my cousins daughter down from a visit from Scotland.  The last time I saw anything of her, she was only 3 and it was after my Nans funeral at the wake, in my aunts place outlined above.

FFWD 12 years.  I'm employed now (between jobs at the time) and the family in which she grew up in is now split apart.  We still don't know the full details of what happened or how, just that they were all taken into care and fostered out to different people.   She has some physical problems which make life tough for her but apart from that she seems to have weathered the storm of her upbringing and is doing well despite it all. 

Anyway we came down on the Saturday and as soon as I got there, it was a massive shock to see how much she had changed.  I've seen photos of her and that but this doesn't give you any insight  into a persons nature or likes and wants.  In fact as it went on, we found out we share a staggering amount in common, which is really scary.  First of all she is a complete game nut, like myself at that age before Superplay corrupted me into RPGs, we loved Mario.

We both like Luigi and have DS's and brought a shed load of games with us.  This culminated in me getting totally schooled by a 15 year old girl at NSMB thanks to wi-fi link play.   We had a go on Pokemon Heart Gold GBC Reboot, and Cooking Mama 2 which has the worst voice acting ever.  She was taken by my love of old school games and role playing harvest moon take on Rune Factory 2.

The Sunday we showed her some of the less weird and work safe of the Youtube stuff I do and a few clips and memes including, Nyancat, Hatsune Miku and Justin Beeble being shot in CSI, someone we both hate.  She has a toy dog, which I also had as a kid.  Oh and she really looks like her mum, minus her temper of course. 

We also twiddle our hair when stressed, have a liking for cheese and a dislike of tomatoes, and above all are nature lovers.   We were watching some ants, probably the biggest I've seen in the UK and no they weren't flying ants either (something that I saw on holiday too).  We also larked around on Google Earth and tried to find her house where she lives with her foster family in Scotland and the hotel in Salou in Spain where I spent my holidays, this ended up in a miserable failure for both of us and my arm covered in Pritt stick (don't ask). 

Like I say, I liked her a lot in a moe sort of way, kinda like the little sister I never had (No really, I'm not kidding, I'm an only child)..  Weirdly, if you've ever played Persona 4, Nanako evokes the same feelings in me as well, and I've always thought of Nanako as looking a lot like my cousin when younger, though she was never as endearing as Nanako was.

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