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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Round up honey.

Well that was an eventful few weeks.  Kate and Wills Married, Bin Raider shot dead by Navy seals, whilst
smoking weed and watching the teletubbies on his 14" portable  (subs please check), and PsN offline due to a massive screw up.

Not only that but we've only gone and found a bottle of bitter leaf tonic, and they've only gone and given us proper binomial names on the list of ingredients guv'nor.  So the bitter leaves mixture is this.

Ginger, Aframomum (another ginger species), Aloe Vera, Xylopia/Xylobium (last ones an orchid not native to Africa, though the first species is, and crucially, is used as a medicine) and finally African Mahogany. 
Though a cursory glance on the internet, reveals that it didn't contain any real bitterleaf at all.

Royal Wedding: Big Whoop edition.

Make it stop you cunts.

So a pretty girl got married to a rich dude, lots of posh birds wore silly hats and the world ground to a halt as it was televised to the entire nation.  The link in the opener is sentiments exactly in the massively trailed and overkilled royal nuptual day.  So though we did see a little of the spectacle, we mostly tried to avoid it, one thing that they did show was some old dude in Kanye West specs who was an ardent royalist.  The other was on Have I Got News for you and had two drunken mums commenting on the wedding which was ace.  I'm no republican, I was just heartily sick of the whole affair and its constant trail. 

Binraider killed dead.

Osama Bin Raiden was killed to dead on monday. He was offed in his giant compound in Sidabbotabad, 50 miles from Islamabad. Pakistan, by armed bastards.  Cannot get worked up by him snuffing it like that (he maybe a cunt but he was still a living person), though there are the stock shots of jubilant Americans, whooping and hollering in times square who evidently are.
There is film of him being killed, and a mass of confusion regarding how he died exactly (we're going for armed bastards), whether his missus was killed or not killed and if he was armed or not.

PSN to become the, PWN network.

Final story is the massive lack of security on the PSN Network now renamed in its honour as the PWN network. The hack happened over the easter holidays and succeeded in pilfering many account details, credit card info, and addresses, no thanks to Sony's complete lack of security.  Sony are said to bring in an ex NCIS expert to track the anonymous hackers, (not Anonymous) to Malaysia (though theres precious little evidence to back up this either).

As I've previously noted Sony seem to have bought a whole bunch of jinx with them when they made the PS3.  Not only did they start out right by including Region free gaming and backwards compatibility, they then pissed on their chips by stripping out PS2 support, then Linux (which was the impetus to get Custom firmware onto the PS3 and mass online cheating sigh, this also includes the well publicised spat with George Geo Hotz too).  Now PWN is compromised due to... Piss poor security. 

Whatever they do, Sony has lost a lot of support due to this, I have no sympathy for the hackers who did this, ( I neither own nor would consider using PSN nor XBOXlive or any online service as it just doesn't appeal to me, so aren't affected.) but have an equal dislike of Sony for their sheer stupidity and not locking that sucker down.  

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