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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Chucklevision song contest.

All this posting of the worst of the worst last week I totally overlooked the Eurovision wrong contest. A little shop of horrors in one.

Last year we posted this

"Hopefully next year we get Poland, or the Ukraine to do our entry, they always put some nutter forward (subs please check) up on stage, so next year, its a full comeback for Timmy Mallet, in a Tinfoil hat and massive, massive specs, and nothing else."
What we got was B list boyband downsy and Blue singing a totally non selected song, we came eleventh overall, and no I didn't watch it.  Moldova of course supplied the weirdness (Beehive hairdos and unicycles yessss.), Malta, gay men with flattops and bowler hats, and Ireland of course with perfect Eurovision act. Deadwood (Jedward).  Can't imagine how I ever missed them out of the horrendous line up of room 101 last time, knob ends on a par with N-Dubz.   Oh the show was eventually put out of its misery by Azerbaijan being crowned the winners.

Of course they'll have to foot the bill next year, so it looks like they'll need the Azerbaijani equivalent of My Lovely Horse to stop them winning again, we're not kidding (we didn't know untill we looked through Wikipaedia).

Incidentally I've been totally remiss in bringing you a scan of the week, the last one was from Famitsu and contained Dizzeeeeeeee Rascal doing fitness {not}.  So without further ado here is a nice non stereotypical picture of an African on a sugar packet, courtesy of Carioca cafe.
For 6000 wrong points imagine that on the side of a minivan.

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