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Friday, 5 February 2010

Baku Baku Bonus bits.

One of the joys of emulation is that you're no longer need to bother with region coding or territorial lock out. Any game from anywhere can in theory be played so long as its supported by your emu.

Plus putting a disc in a PC can sometimes bring things up that are totally unexpected.

We bought a new Saturn game, its Baku Baku Animal and only cost a pound from Scope. We have SSF on our system so putting it into the drive to boot it up is a no brainer. However looking through the files is something quite bizarre. There are a series of textfiles, that do not amount to much but the last (titled readme) is pay dirt. In Japanese it lists some of the jobs such as designer and producer (we really can't read much due to poor Japanese skills) and a hyper ending. I'll attempt a dictionary translation but without 1337 Japanese skills it may lack coherence or even meaning.

In that there's a latin name (evident even in notepad) that links to a kind of parasitical flatworm
(Bipellium Fuscatum fact fans) so in actual fact they're not hyper at all just diseased.

So there you are Baku Baku Animal basically a game about worm riddled animals who can't stop eating.

File here for anyone who wants to look through and has a text editor capable of reading Japanese.

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