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Sunday, 21 February 2010

Freakish Television memories PT1.

Dedicated to Business Legends The Osaka Way.

Sky TV is a wonderful thing and its even better when its used to deliver minority, 3 men and a dog style programming. Tucked away in the recesses of the News sub group lies the venerable NHK world channel (507 now HD only sadly), Japans take on the BBC. Every show they produce seems to hark back to a better place. Japan Biz cast reminds me of old Tomorrows world (though minus the studio bits) plus they have an entirely electronic incidental music, no identikit music here, though sometimes it will lead with Drum n Bass.

Imagine nation is the videogame show everyone should see, though its mostly manga, they always have room to chat to say the guy who created the Sangoku Musou series of games for instance.

But best of all is Business Legends The Osaka Way.

A bilingual business show shouldn't be comedic gold, talking to a company that grows the Japanese equivalent of mustard and cress (Daikon radish sprouts, which are very nice) shouldn't provoke a titter in any sane person, why then is it funny.

One word Eurotrash comedy dubbing. They seem to all have the voices of middle America making the whole show a parody, like an old Clive James sketch. Having a caption that comes up as 'Pot Points' only adds to the bizarreness that follows. In fact the weirdest thing is the studio bits where the American overdubs are taken to the extreme and the set begins to look like the bastard offspring of Christian Tv and old Japan (complete with lucky neko in the background too). Its on at 11:30 am on fridays if you ever want to Sky plus it or put bits up on Youtube and the like. Further parts are not so easily obtainable so be warned.

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