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Sunday, 25 October 2015

Round Up again.

Eastenders has been fucking weird of late, they have a big storyline about Lucy Beale being killed by her little brother Bobby that is dull as fuck.  But on the other hand they have resurrected Kathy Beale from the dead for some weird reason.  Possibly getting Gillian Taylforth back was seen as a coup but like everything else with E.E. its been done before.  They bought back Dirty Den, Lazarus stylee, only for him to die again thanks to off screen shenanigans, but for full on body horror there's a strange cross dressing sub plot. 

Its all a bit Twin Peaks as the guy runs the funeral parlour and must be 60 at least, they've teased the secret that he's a lumberjack Tranny for a while but now we see the full body horror of it.  A monster in a blonde fright wig and make up, kinda like a hippy take on Julian Clary, or his taller blonder sister. 

I suppose its a big issue thing with them, complete with poxy phone line if you've been affected with this storyline cock and bull. Me I kept singing the Lumberjack song all the way through and laughing my ass off.


Been revisiting Tamriel this past few days and found that my saves have been deleted, so decided to start all over again, will probably disable the water textures as its a known problem for it crashing the game. I have an onboard graphics card and can't be arsed to upgrade as I don't have time to game anymore (I know there's steam now but PC gaming used to be all FPS and stuff not what I was into).  Had Sean Bean (brother Martin) as an escort which was nice as well.

Scan of the week Returns.

Crazy times.
 Found this while raking through an old copy of Dragon magazine.  I'm pretty sure the dog is MacRuff a badly drawn cartoon Bloodhound, seriously he doesn't have any eyes in that pic.  We never had anything like this in the UK and its only Simpsons references and other stuff that I sorta know who he is.  Closest we got were stickers say I've met the Met, whenever the cops would come to school to talk about stranger danger and the like.  Incidentally looking on Wikipedia it seems that Mac Ruffs voice actor was arrested for drugs and firearms offences?.

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