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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Get I Player notes.

This is just a few lines here about using Get iPlayer. More as an aide memoire than anything else, if anyone else finds it useful then good for you, if not then this one from squarepenguin is good, also you can grab the program from their home page.

For those of you who don't know what get iPlayer is, its a BBC iPlayer programme recorder, for the mighty, blighty only TV catch up service from the BBC.  Iplayer lets you watch pitch shifted programming from the main BBC networks along with radio programmes (say if you want to nab a comedy show from Radio  4 or some bollocks from 1Xtra).  You can download them for a month and then they vanish, but due to insane copy restrictions (and it being a flash file and that) its never really playable in any program other than Windows Media Player. Get iPlayer lets you permanently keep them. 

Previously I've used their web PVR program to snag various bits and pieces for various Youtube bits such as YTP and spoofs, but previously its been a bit flaky so I've had to do it the old fashioned way in Get iPlayer itself.

I mean old fashioned too, its command line only, Linux bastards are of course right at home here (where everyday is 1992) but for the rest of us who DOS is a foreign country then this is a bit weird.

1. When it starts you'll see a stream of stuff pop up before it stops.  We are going to use Eastenders here as our bait and what you'll need to do is search for stuff so in the prompt, hit space and put.

 get_iplayer "EastEnders"
you'll see a bunch of matches with a number next to them what you will need to do now is type this number into get iplayer in form of the below command.  In this case we'll download Monday's episode which is 518 which will look like this.

get_iplayer --get 518

It will then download it to a folder on your desktop for keeps and stuff.

There are a load of other ways to do this according to squarepenguins guide but this I find is the easiest way of doing it.

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