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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Video Tat

Happy new year everyone.  I've been on a periodic rampage through a load of old VHS tapes, trying to see what can be salvaged, and what can be thrown out if anything.  It all started with a vague recollection that there was something odd at the end of some teen porn I had.  Not illegal strange but more like remnants of the program left over, an artifact of recording if you will.  It took a while to locate the tape in question and the remnant actually turned out to be a good 2 hours of footage.

So what do we have.  The first hour is some "golden showers" porn involving two actresses who could be anywhere from 18-30 due to make up and stuff, there are bits of another porno (I actually wrote porneo instead which I've realised is the most excellent thing ever) after this before breaking down into the real meat of this blog post.

Its the end part of  something called The Maternity Show with Blue Peter's Mark Curry as host.  There is a clip of two dwarves talking about pregnancy before a clip of Mark talking about old toys with an expert. This is the initial clip I thought was from Blue Peter as Mark used to be presenter and for some reason this was inflated into footage of the Blue Peter time capsule in my mind which of course it wasn't.  

The rest of the tape is made up of Quincy which aired on BBC1 according to Wikipedia and Channel 4's Escape From Colditz complete with ad breaks.  This includes ironically sexist car advert where a prize tool rates off a load of mechanic guff that women simply would not appreciate, and more junk.  I did try and cam  the lot with my digital camera but there was a lot of flickering and the porno element would simply not be suitable for the professional people who do VHS recovery jobs.  I did have a have a dongle thing that copied stuff across except it didn't do anything.  Which was a shame.

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