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Sunday, 11 January 2015

Round up 2015

Haven't had to do one of these for a while but here are some updates to a few previous blog posts and news stories.

Avery Hill to close.

Been looking through the archives and I don't think I ever detailed my trip to Avery Hill in Eltham sometime in the autumn of last year.  I have an Inkling I did it years back when it was still under renovation but the Council can no longer afford to run it as it costs a million a year in upkeep.  There is a small story from the Greenwich Tories here as its the winter gardens that I'm most interested in as if you've been reading this blog for any length of time you'll know I love my cacti.

A big Bushman's Candle patch.
Assorted Cacti looking a bit barren.
News shopper laughingly calls it Elthams answer to Kew which is laughable as although it may match in size I found it underwhelming with mislabeled plants and general feeling of decay, like looking at a once loved seaside resort running into ruins.

3DS Emulation.

This is still in its primitive early stages so far, but this seems to be legit and not a virus or scam pusher site as previous links to "3DS Emulators" have all too often been.  Its called Citra and has its own github page, so far it plays a few commerical games very slowly and some homebrew (which may get a shot in the arm now the Smealums exploit is out in the wild), so don't get your hopes up for another year or 3.  See also PS3 emulator for PS3 emulation which is in a similarly advanced state (i.e some stuff goes in game and may run slightly better than a slideshow).

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