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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Sky Plus Lego

We have a second hand Sky Box and its rather better than what we previously have, this is due to the fact its a Sky plus box rather than a normal sky box.  We picked it up a few weeks back and it required a bit doing to it where a bit stands for adding cables and a remote.  The cables are easy we just switch it over from the regular Sky box we have and it'll work no problem, card is more problematic as it seems to deny us the right to view Sky Movies and Sports (not that I care about movies and sports), but regular stuff and the odd sky channel its ok.  You know I can't remember the last time I cared about Sky one (oh yeah Touch and they cancelled that) unlike when I was young and showed stuff worth a lick.  The remote we picked up at the Meridian bootsale for the princely sum of £10 as opposed to the £25 or so they wanted in store, it sort of works (no subs no sky EPG) so I'm proud of that, all I have to do is deal with Sky and get recording added.

On other news I found my old Lego in a sweet jar in the cupboard, ominously titled stick insects on the lid (we did have them, they were a gift from a neighbour and they fed on Privet).  Tipping it out we found these things.

A mass of weird blocky trees.
A collection of dismembered lego men not including several firemen mostly missing hands, heads and legs.
A chef excellence who's main body was replaced with a set of wheels.
Various ladders (from the fire station set)
Various space thrustery bits (from the lunar landscape set)

Oh and these two characters.
Percy Pig is on your right.
Percy Pig comes with his own wheelbarrow which I still have, the other guy well I don't know who he is only that its the only thing left from my duplo set as a kid.  I love his cheeky grin and porkpie hat and seems to be part of a tugboat toy (thus making him a sailor.)

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