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Thursday, 8 March 2012

PS Pops for yo chops.

You're getting a special thursday edition of King Tibbet, as we not only mourn the death of Snesorama, but give you another red hot guide.  But first the news.


Though we were never a member, this along with Megaupload was the premier place for non torrent archives.
We would occasionally browse the list of old PS1 / PS2 / Saturn stuff to see if there was anything worth a download, but mainly it was to leaf through the Emulation news at least once a week.  I'm not sure if the playstation museum is still going, they were hosted by Snesorama but contained a wealth of PS1 specific data such as screen shots, PEC code lists for cheating, and cover and iso information (snesorama of course having links to the actual ISOs).  The Playstation Datacenter has a facebook page for those antisocial networkers among you. 

We are not sure what happened to kill off Snesorama, posts up on the PSXdatacenter facebook tell of an hack attack, and they shifted their forums to another host a few weeks back.  Now whenever you visit it says their site is dead and won't be coming back.

Popsloader guide.

We did offer you a guide the other week for an easy way to add ISO support to your hacked PSP, now we'll go one further and add PS1 support for your hacked PSP.

PSN are offering suckers, PS1 classics for your PSP to rebuy and download to your PSP.  This is especially dumb if you have the original games lying around at home going unused.  I warn you it involves more stuff than enabling ISO / CSO support, but adding it its no less difficult than before.

As before here is our recipe list.

A PSP with custom Firmware. (incidentally the modern PRO B firmware adds PS1 support natively so this is for non PRO B firmware.)  We use Godman Firmware which is a hack of PRO B and is rather nice.
POPS loader.   Your PS1 emulation software.
A ProDUO card.
ISO creation software
A PS to PSP iso converter.
Some PS1 games.

Step 1.
First of all you'll need to make an ISO image from the discs you own (If you have PS1 ISO files already on your system, you can skip this bit and go to Step 2).  Insert your discs into your PC and run whatever ISO creation software you have, locate the option to create ISO files from disc and select start.  We favour the excellent Imgburn (and you'll want the option, make ISO from disc if you are using it) for all our CD making needs, its free, and has never failed us.   

Step 2.
You can download both POPSloader and  PSX2PSP at this point as we will need them to continue, you can also connect your PSP via USB (or ProDUO card if you have a card reader) at this point as its also required to continue.  

Step 3. Adding POPSloader.
This is your root directory.

With popsloader downloaded, simply drag the popsloader file that corresponds to your firmware into the root directory of your PSP Memory stick.   I.E if your custom firmware is 6.20 drag the popsloader file that says 6.20 to your root directory.

Stage 4. Converting files.

Extract and run PSX2PSP.  You'll want to click on the top box (ISO PBP file) and search for where you have your PS1 ISO files.  (IMGburn puts them in Documents by default)
Select the second box down and create an output folder to store your converted ISO and if you want add a picture image. (you don't have to it'll just look nicer.)  When you are done click on Convert and it'll convert it.  Check the destination file and it'll show you a folder with your newly converted ISO.

Stage 5. The final stage.

Do not rename the newly created folder, or put it in another folder, but drag it into your game folder in you  PSP memory card.  It'll show up as a file that you can click on to play your game.  We've played both PAL and NTSC games (both SaGa Frontiers) and  can attest that it will work.  Oh and a final notice you'll want to press the home button to bring up POPSloaders option menu, (put it to fullscreen otherwise it'll look windowed), it will also let you quit out here too. Enjoy.

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