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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Coda for Sara

Sad to say this but we lost my cousin Sara a few weeks back, due to complications with diabetes (essentially a hypo).  She was a real sweet girl and slightly older than me (37), though had myriad problems in her life.  She left behind four kids and a partner.  Her funeral was friday (the day after we put up PS Pops for yo chops) down at Hanworth in West London.

I wore a suit and tie, for the first time in ages, and it was quite a nice send off.  Her kids arranged a song each, (ranging from Smiley Virus, to Michael Baal covering Celine Dion) there was a poem followed by a review of her life.  I abstained from the prayers and general god bits as I'm an atheist but sang along to Adeles Someone like you as it was the least I could do.

To be honest, I hadn't seen her for about 10 years, and sad to say my memories of her had faded to a few selected instances.   There were a few more Huckleberry friends* from the drop in she attended along with some old dude on an electric wheelchair.  My favourite memories was playing Gears of war and Assassins creed with her sons.  There was some nice food too, including some excellent cake.  All in all it was a pretty sad time for us.

*Huckleberry friend is of course from Moon River and is our way of describing anyone who is a bit 'special' or  subnormal, kinda like Timmy for South Park followers.

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