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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Stuff I didn't know

Welcome to an occasional column where I discuss stuff that quite frankly I didn't know existed but actually does exist.  Two fascinating facts for you here.

Fact one.

Bob Carolgees has his own candle shop.

I'll say that again, Bob Carolgees of spit the dog fame has his own candle shop.

There's a link there proving it, and all told its quite baffling.  How many old quiz show hosts have their own online stores flogging homeware.  Chris Tarrant doesn't have a webshop dedicated to quilts nor does Bob Monkhouse have a store promoting decorative glassware. (though he did have an archive of film of quite staggering proportions in his house)  I find this quite Partridgesque to be honest.  Incidentally if you wish to buy candles from Bob Carolgees or a Spit The Dog puppet you can.

Fact two.

The Japanese electric grid systems run on both a 50HZ and a 60HZ system.

Thanks to this link it proves quite interesting reading.  From a gamer perspective if only they went with a Pal TV option and kept the 50HZ output then you wouldn't really need all the hassle involved to run import consoles, just a plug adaptor like you would use for trips to mainland Europe.

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