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Sunday, 13 March 2011

First bootsale of the year.

First of all I'd like to update you on Neverwinton.  While it does work saving and indeed messing with your body shape will cause it to crash out, this is why I never ever mess with PC games.  We also had the misfortune to play Dragonball Ultimate Battle for PSOne.  We heard it was bad but we didn't imagine it would suck that much.

Oh and a belated if not heartfelt, Sumimasen to those suffering in Japan.  A megaquake, tsunami and reactor meltdown.  Watching NHK news at the devastation, nature can be such a cunt at times.

Anyway, its the first bootsale of the year and the first Saturday one I've ever been to.  Its up at Charlton parks meridian centre, just past the QE Hospital.  A long walk and a 50p entry fee got us some goodies.  Quite a lot of records and tapes, though the amount of non trade people selling were actually few and far between. 

First lulzy stuff.

Pirate stuff.  Mainly some dude flogging Mccarthy antivirus suite with no "Kegen" apparently, but your usual array of stallholders with bent DVDs and CDs.  They had someone with Reason along with non  legit Windows XP and 7.

Bibles.  In some unknown language* (some sort of african dialect, we have a load of africans here) all I could gather was they were called Bibeli Mimo.  Which sounds like some IDM group.

*Ah its Yoruba, (thanks google) which explains alot.  They had Nollywood films too one called Chelsea VS Liverpool.

Stuff I bought.

CDS, a DVD and some records. 

Degrees of Motion Album. 
For some reason, bought  this and two others for a quid, the guy wanted me to grab something else but through all the other stuff he had a lot of stuff I didn't want nor was interested in.
The album is appaling, like a third rate C+C Music factory.  Degrees of motion are best known for the song Do You Want it Right Now, which is a reasonable  track, however the album goes downhill fast after they play this.  Adding some dude to rap and even attempt some ragga at one point is the crappest thing evar our tolerance for dancehall is low. Gyptian and Chaka Demus is about the best I can hack before wanting to commit genocide.

Low price Best of Acid House Volume 1.

Part of low price musics best of acid house box set.  Drawing together the old Acid Trax compilations from Needle / Serious Records and essentially making each one a radio mix, they are not the full length versions as described on the box.  Still they are a nice compilation for those without access to the original records or indeed a box set of 4 CDs that Low Price punted out.


So far the word major disappointment would be gifted out now.  We have Kurtis Mantronik Trickstyle EP as yet unlistened to, and some French Gabber from Psychik Genocide Records. 

We did some major soul searching here.  Both records are fucked, I don't mean scratched but with major chippage to the outside its as if someones taken a chisel and whacked off a good chunk from the edge.  The good news is that it doesn't affect two tracks on the 4 track EPS.  We got a Hardcoholics EP and DJ Radium Vice Machine, both tracks will be uploaded in due time.  We left behind a DJ Promo / Hellfish EP from the same label (similar fate) and a few unofficial bootlegs of D Mob and Inner City.

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