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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Toy museum trip.

So far we've been enjoying SaGa 2 Goddess of Destiny for the NDS a remake of the old Gameboy game.  We're up to the bit where Ashura sends his micronized foes into Kai to retrieve the relics inside her, and you set off to the giants world to learn this dark art so you can stop them.   Working well in DeSmuMe with no real drop outs and that, and it is proving to be as hard as the rest of the series, Ashura himself killed off most of my party with only Guest star Mask and my robot holding him off with souped up taijutsu skills and battle hammers.

Toy Museum


Thanks to my employers generous holiday package, we took a day off to visit the Toy Museum at Bethnal Green.

To give its full name thats the Victoria and Albert Museum of Childhood, its a short way down from Bethanl Green Tube station and its a largely ace place.

If you have any interest in children then the police would like to speak with you, however if you're nostalgic about toys then this is the place for you oh and you kids too.

They seem to have a fixation with creepy dolls, which of course we took many photos of and there are many pictures of Gollies there too which are neither expalined away through political correctness (just another facet of childhood) or shoved out of sight, in fact there's a huge one on display there (not pictured),  although their full name is not of course given.

Right between the eyes.
There are a lot of tin plate toys including some devilish mice and various wind up novelties on show.
Robots from Japan and sinister german ducks rub shoulders with tin plate bears and magic lanterns. 

There are a few cabinets dedicated to dolls and soft toys.  Barbie is well represented as is Sindy her British counterpart.  There are a few Action Men too complete with eagle eyes and accesories.

My favourite is Blythe a doll made in the early seventies that sort of looks like an anime figure crossed with a hippy.  (in fact she would be successfully relaunched in Japan in 2001, though she still looks like an acid casualty crossed with the bride of Chucky.)  For a gamer though the biggest sin was the complete lack of game systems, UBISoft donated a pink model of a DS complete with bunch of shite Imagine: Childmolesterer software and  there is a Tamagotchi in the testimony display case but, apart from that there's nothing, no SNES no NES no ZX Spectrum complete with software on tapes or anything else for that matter.
They were a big part of most of our childhoods, growing up in the 80's, there isn't even a VCS, which is rubbish.

There may be no consoles there, but they do have some stuff based on old TV shows.  I never knew Superted or Dogtanian ever had their own toy spin offs, but there are examples of both.  Predictably Superted is absolute rubbish, whereas Dogtanian looks classy in his red hat.
Anyway we'll add some photos and leave you in peace.

Super Ted still rubbish.

Blythe, Headshop owner and space cadet.

Flat top the sailor man.

Jesus is invisible and other bollocks, according to the Jehovas Witness cunts.  Sorry just really hate them.

Hello Kids Wanna buy some Honey.

Probably not a nod to electro group Le Car.

The BNPs attempt to celebrate ST Georges day was a fucking disappointment (as usual).

Great Uncle Bengaria, the ethnic Womble.
Dogtanian minus his muskerhounds.

Told you they'd be gollies, though dressed up in tartan is a new one for me.

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