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Sunday, 20 February 2011

I am more in a factory, hothouse was never?

Today our eclectic skill shop will show you how to chop up a Sanseveria to make plantlets.

Thanks to a water leak in the conservatory, we have to deal with disparate lumps of rotting plants that were previously healthy specimens, mainly Aloe, Haworthia  and Gasteria  but with both of my Sanseverias too.

Luckily its left us with three leaves and a recollection that chopping them up will elicit more plants.  Sadly most of the Aloes are too far gone for this treatment (we're holding out hope that a Gasteria can be saved in this manner).  Lucky that it was only one tray that was affected, but still its especially galling that this happened at all.

Sanseveria Cylindrica, not your average Mother in laws tongue!.

Anyway here is a guide for those that have had the same problem or simply want to up their propagation skills.

You'll need:
a large pot
Sharp knife
Free draining compost, John Innes no1 is good, or peat free with extra gravel added if you can't get hold of it.

Prepare the pot with the potting compost and then select a good sized leaf for cutting.

With leaf selected, lop it off at the base of the stem and cut it into 4inch/10cm chunks.
Do this one at a time, so that you won't mix up the which part was from where.  (Only those that were on the bottom will grow otherwise they'll rot instead)
Plant your sliced Sanseveria into the potting compost and leave in a warm and dry place.  Hopefully you'll see small plantlets appearing at the base of each leaf piece (well thats what I hope to see) a few months down the line oh and when the weather is better don't forget to water.

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