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Sunday, 21 November 2010

More hits from the scanulator.

OK this took a while to look for but now we are here we'll present to you the US advert for the CD32 as presented in EGM issue 58.  (We've taken more scans but it seems our monitor has died and what there is is ropey to say the least.)

Is that supposed to be now here or nowhere, we'll go for the latter.
Commodore of course couldn't advertise its wares to save its life, (ironically this is from circa 1994 where Commodore called in the receivers and the sun went down on the good ship Amiga) and this Ad while not that unusual for the time is basically a load of buzzwords and cringing 'street' slang.  At least they didn't resort to selling Vapourware like the Atari Jaguar ads of the same era.  Incidentally this only hung around for one issue only of EGM proving that Commodore really were in trouble then.  

The CD32 was never a success in USA thanks to patent disputes and Commodores bankruptcy, and it really didn't have much impact in Europe, coming just before the PS1 boom.  Most of its games were either souped up Amiga titles with. extended intros and cut scenes or just the regular bad interactive movie games that stank up the early nineties. 

So there you go. The CD32.

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