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Saturday, 13 November 2010

Happy Rememberance day.

Yellow Horned Poppies for those too ignorant to know the significance.
Please if you have any love of experimental music please get hold of the British legion 2 minute silence charity single, see here for the youtube version. Though they see the act as symbolic gesture of paying respect to those who fell in battle, theres quite a shift in tones and background noise, in which to render this actually as a valid piece of experimental music in its own right, like a radio friendly? version of John Cages 4:33.

Even if you torrent it or get it via Youtube video converters from the link provided please consider giving some change to the poppy sellers you see in the street.  You'll be doing some good providing for those maimed, killed or left traumatised by horrors of wars current and long past, oh and you'll also get a poppy too.

Now fingers crossed for Steve Reichs Come out for Comic Relief.   

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