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Sunday, 7 May 2017

Electronic Gaming Monthly.

This week I've been clearing away some junk, that is mainly old copies of EGM from the Mid 2000's and onward.  Still have a few copies up on top of the wardrobe from the mid 90's to go through, that also has the phone book sized xmas edition from 94 with Donkey Kong Country in.

These though were well past their prime with only Seanbaby making me laugh still.  There is still an emphasis on ads too which is baffling as UK mags never really carried them and even then it was cringy stuff from Woolies and the like.  There is a few odd ads there too including some anti weed stuff, the highly weird Seaman ad and David Beckham telling you to drink more milk, so football obviously has some impact there in the states now instead of the usual handegg. 

There is also the return of crap westernized anime artwork, this time for Castelvania Portrait Of Ruin as well as much better attempt for one of the Tales games (though in hindsight they just used some official artwork). I wont be sad to see them go its not terrible but they weren't an absolute joy pit like EDGE became.

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