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Sunday, 20 November 2016

Films and such

Christ all fucking mighty there is a lot of spam here, my last five comments have been flogging sex services like my blog is some kind of demented Newsagents window  My thoughts about internet advertising and such can be found here and below paraphrased.

Anyway our main post is not about the evils of advertising or Money Supermarket and House of Fraser would be swinging from the digital lamp post but on some films I've seen recently.

Haven't been to the cinema in ages so these where under duress in my own home on Sky Movies.  First up is the back half of Dads Army a much loved sitcom from Jimmy Lloyd and David Croft where only Ian Lavender survives from the main cast.  This one I can confidently say is total bobbins and arse and that's with me missing a good hour watching Harry Hill's Teatime and Food Unwrapped instead.

Its still the same bungling home guard that you know and love except that they've all been replaced by terrible emulations from the present and because its 2016 there's some wimmin in it too.  Its not dreadful per se, its still competently filmed and that but the script is arse.. There's a lot of Catherine Zeta Jones as a German Spy and worse of all you got to see Captain Mainwaring's wife which you never saw on the show (subs please check). 

Its a middling film hamstrung by a worthless script, 4/10.

The last film I saw was the Charlie Brown Movie aka the Peanuts Movie.  A wonderfully written tale of Snoopy, Charlie Brown and pals going through the school year and with a side story of Snoopy fighting the Red Baron in his kennel.  Its a pretty good hold up to the much loved original comic strips that used to play out in the Mail before being shunted off for Garfield.  Charlie Brown still plays baseball, flies kites badly and the Red Haired Girl returns as a major plot point in all this.  Oh and the adults still talk in trumpets which made my day. There are a few niggles that I may have overlooked such as Marcie not serving Snoopy root beer and there is no Spike and Olaf for the fans. 

Worse there are a few horrible Meghan Trainor and Flo Rida tracks stuffed in, at the school dance and on the the credits, its just as well that the original Vince Guaraldi tracks are still present to provide the Tamoxifen for that particular cancer.

As a side note its got about 4 directors, two are from Charles Schulz's family, the other is Paul Feig who directed this years Ghostbusters abortion, though this is definitely the film to see.

There are a few other films that used to come up on Premiere including one at a spelling bee and a series on Sky One on the 90's  including an episode on gaming where Lucy was the Wumpus for some colossal cave rip off.
Overall an excellent 9/10

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