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Sunday, 26 June 2016

Holiday 16: TV and Brexit.

Traditionally part 2 has always been about the other stuff normally TV and anything else my scrambled memory can dredge up.  Also we will be poking around the Brexit which we'll do first as it neatly dovetails what I was watching. We've also decided to put an update to my side blog Robot Nunca Visto, near enough a whole year later than its last entry.

Well all the votes are in and for once the public have spoken, the UK is leaving the EU thanks to the slimmest of margins and is hopefully going to make its own decisions like a big grown up country now.  If you've been a long time reader you'll know I've given a toss about immigration or the EU (because that's all right wingers think about yo ;)). Project fear seems to have portrayed us as small minded little Englanders that only think about refugees or migrants and spam us with images of fire, plague and Godzilla if we ever had the temerity to leave.

The truth is that the Eurozone isn't perfect, for every Germany there is a Greece with its basket case economy and problematic countries such as Turkey with its horrible human rights records and un free press.  Or even more penniless states than Greece, such as Albania looking to join the larger EU area, which is massively fucked.  

I don't care about immigration, we've always adopted people get over it, although we could do with a national register of those immigrating, so whenever the Mail scaremongers to its idiot readers about a tidal wave of migrants we know how many and what the impact will be. 

You wonder why all this is in my Holiday round up is because that is all that was on Spanish news #Brexit, that and Cassius Clay snuffing it and the Orlando shooting.  A trilogy of bad news basically, and with nothing except Doraemon reruns and Wheel of Fortune and its in house band to give us any joy.

There where a few channels but most of the English ones were badly tuned in, a few German stations and BVN for the Dutch speakers and some Russian stations that showed either news or really old films.

Spent most of my time watching the box including middle of the night shit when my insomnia kicked in.  We didn't get a porn channel so no Ruleta del Sexo this time, in fact most Spanish channels resort to live music in the small hours so if you like flamenco or folk this is pretty good, if you don't then its torture.

So what were the highlights.

A classic re run of some old Tom and Jerry cartoons, nothing weird or strange there but just nice to see the old cartoons again.

BVN had a strange game show about Tetris and with clips of Roxette at around 5am in the morning. Reminded me of Blockbusters in its set up but no board just tetris and questions.

Also on BVN was a nice Dutch documentary on rap with plenty of interviews in English so you could follow.

An advert for Ketchup Plops a saveloy riddled with ketchup that is as horrible as it sounds.

Yokai Watch in Spanish.  Sadly I think I saw the same episode from the same point at least twice.

Finally what looked like a big haired version of Ruby Wax providing sign language for Spanish news.

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