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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Son Baulo 2015 Pt 2

Before I begin I absolutely love this, apparently there is some old film of ermaj (or Queen Elizabeth the Second as she is properly known) doing a Hitler salute as a little girl in the 30's.  There is the dear old Queen mum reiching it up as well as evil uncle Eddy also doing a salute, her dad stammering George is thought to be behind the camera.  I'm not much of a royalist but I loved this, last time I had anything this heartwarming about  the royals was when covert snaps of  Kate's paps where taken by some long lens paparazzo.  The whole incident of course has been filtered through modern constructs and mores, its quite clearly a young future queen larking about in front of the camera for family, taken massively out of context, although I am curious to know what other clips that royal archive holds.  Of course they are not the first to be tainted with a bit of the racism, Prince Harry is of course partial to a bit of dressing up as a Hitler, so what I propose is this, whenever they all congregate on the balcony of buck house, for one of those gatherings and such, they should all do a Nazi salute to the crowd. 

Anyway Son Baulo PT2.

This is a round up of all the other bits an pieces that do not revolve around the natural kingdom. Its mainly unfunny stuff  I've seen or trips out that I've been on.  The sole shining star of the whole thing is a set of murals by local graffiti artist Joan Aguilo.  Taking a set of murals with the theme of ducks and children and scattering them along the coastline on old buildings and sea walls proved to be quite a find, I have twelve individual shots and am pretty sure there were more.

There were a few bars and cafes on the coast catering to Germans mainly, one had a massive toy Gorilla set up on the wall with a cocktail already out.  If you went up close of course his arm moved giving you a shock.  Its all rigged up with fishing line and provides the guys in the bar some massive laughs at the same time, though not from the Germans.  Incidentally they seem to like the same stuff as we do, if T Shirts are anything to go by, where we differ of course is that we do not have any about....  Tractors. Like those Massively broken PC farm games, the Germans love a tractor it seems as none were translated into English.
German's all farm boys at heart.

Oh and Helene Fischer, who looks like the German version of  Denise Van Outen. Of course when you are on the beach there are of course naked Germans (as well as Spanish) looking like an explosion at DFS with so much saggy tanned skin and that (the one Spanish couple I saw were hot, him quite fit, she definitely a MILF with a Hitler Tache arrangement).  

The British of course are here but seem to be either massively tattooed, massively overweight or just both. Even their kids are fat.  Although I have finally seen some southerners around its still mainly northern types. 
Sadly I have bumped into the last Everton fan in existence.  He ran a shop in Can Picafort, and I had the misfortune to wear a Liverpool top that day.  Cue whining like a bastard, eh eh that's an Everton top eh. You aint from Liverpool eh eh.  We named him the Everton cunt for good reason.

We had a few entertainers in the hotel whether its singers, Abba, a fat Britney Spears that was supposed to be Adele or a Black Michael Jackson, I saw none of it.  We did hear some from the hotel down the street including a club singer murdering Elvis (return to Satan) and La Bamba (I like it uppa ma bum bum).  Though one night there was a woman who was pretty good, she covered the Cranberries Zombie and it was pretty cool.

One final bit that was adorable was a small chihuahua that kept barking and barking at a slightly bigger dog in the end the owner simply took off her shoe and whacked it with it.   

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