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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Pipe to Pipe Bushmen on Channel 4.

Sorry you were supposed to get a much longer version of the Feed / Heal the world including a link to Medecins Sans Frontiers, but ran out of time.  The bottom line with this is, if you truly like Heal the World 30 just steal it from youtube (there are plenty of Youtube downloaders) and bung MSF a couple of quid or do what I do buy stuff from Oxfam shops. It doesn't hurt and it will do some good.

The Chimney Bottler Next Door.

This is a channel 4 documentary I saw in the week, about Paedophilia and issues surrounding it.  I've touched on this before, but this has to be said, isn't an easy watch, even more so if you have children yourself, (i'm a loner so I'm spared this).   It talked to those abused in childhood along with Keyop officials, who kept an eye out for nonces online and for the first time an actual padeo (more later).

First of  all it has to be said that, the victims themselves, a Geordie lady and a guy who had been to public school, had been seriously affected by their experiences.  Mainly a shared history of prostitution and drug issues and problems with relationships, the main message seemed to be this:  If you fuck a child you fuck up a child.

Although there was some hope, the lady was going to be a social worker working with abused children and teenagers, and the guy had found a wife and settled down.

There were a few other facts apart from the one above, 70% of abuse cases are carried out by family members, in the extended family or close friends.  The myth of the bush dodging paedo with hipster beard and thick glasses is just that, a myth.  The other assaults are carried out by people in authority such as teachers, youth leaders, scout masters anyone who it seems comes into day to day contact with kids and can buy there silence.   They had a few talking heads from retired vice officers, and a dutch psychologist but the most interesting was an interview with an English Psychologist, who did the unthinkable and talked to some paedos online.  Apparently no one did this before and its interesting to hear this.

There are apparently around 50000 - 250000 nonces in the UK, as obviously getting exact figures is going to be tough.  On top of that fact is that there are a few that do not offend and would be horrified if they did.  They talked to a guy called Eddie one of the non offending group, wracked with self loathing over who he was.  It was fascinating to hear him talk about his sickness, he fancied women as well, not just children and that the paedo witch hunts didn't work (you shift a problem on its still a problem, just somewhere else, and the non abusers were either "triggered" into abusing or suicide).

There was an awkward face to face interview with the posh bloke who was abused at school, and the hope of a cure or at least psychiatry to reduce the harm and effect a cure before someone starts.  My only gripe with this is that it assumes that all paedophiles are men, where as if its an issue of a broken sexual attraction then there should be female paedophiles as well.  Whatever it is, the programme finishes with this prophecy: if we do nothing to cure the underlying roots of paedophilia we will still be talking about doing something 20 years later when the next generation of offenders come along.

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