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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Banstead Junk Tour.

We are once again testing the edges of just how far a one day travel ticket can get you, and armed with a treat of the MSG mesemb show at the community center there, well I decided to go.

Looking at the map it seemed so easy, just find the right community center and head there except I have a bad track record with South London.  An ill fated interview for a factory job in Summerstown left me walking around endlessly trying to find the place, (on the plus side they had a decent record shop which had Phuture We are Phuture so snapped that up) I think you'll know how this would end up.

True I didn't find the place but thats not my fault, I did the preparation and crucially didn't pick the right community center which remained stubbornly closed.  Even worse, seeing photos on my Facebook wall of it looking ace best is the real kicker.  However it wasn't a total bust, Banstead itself is quite a nice little town halfway between Sutton (which I only briefly stopped off at) and Epsom (home of Chriddof as well as Horse racing).  It reminds me of a smaller Orpington for those who've been, and have about the same amount of Charity shops too.

I didn't get a whole lot but I did see some excellent stuff there.  First of all is a strange CD by Anna Homler, a mix of improvised singing that sounds half African / half Japanese in places and synthesizer.  This is my new favourite thing ever, due to the sheer tribal oddness of it all.

Saw another CD of kids songs with some suspect cover art.
A badger shagging a tortoise.
Just what is the offspring of a Badger and a Tortoise.  I dread to think.

Also the retards at Answers In Genesis have some DVDS featuring the Creation Adventure team.  Its billed as a Jurassic Ark Adventure but as I didn't get this will have to surmise its all about Jesus.

Edit I missed a trick here as they are absolutely hilarious, check this review here.

Finally went up town to see if I could pick up the new Aphex Twin album Syro (yep and still can't think why Bond Street HMV is still in business, its bastard awful).  Cutting through the backstreets and eventually came out in Green Park to see a black lady walking down the street with nothing but some body paint and some strategically placed backpacks to preserve her modesty (you could still see her arse though).

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