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Monday, 4 June 2012

Julie Bee2: Amigan

Our second Julie bee special also concerns hardware, but you will be relieved to know that it does not involve wish fulfillment or mocked up phones.

We found a massive box thrown out at work, nothing special just a massive plastic storage tub and thought it would be good to store videos in.  We also decided to clear up our room, and this is where we refound our old Amiga, as well as some old tat for scanning and removal.   The best thing is though its been in the wars it still works.  

We coupled it up to the television and hey presto our HD kicked in, bringing it life.  Though it doesn't seem we have a working joystick we do have a working mouse, so we decided to boot up a few progs and see what we have. 

This is a montage of clips from programs / art that include but are not restricted to..

LSD document disk 49. 
A cracktro for 9 Lives though it crashes after this.
Various old pictures we made in DPaint / P Paint we used a picture viewer called Visage to show them and our digital camera to grab them as clips from our portable Telly.

Bark Bros was a home grown choose your own adventure game involving alien dogs stumbling across a downed space shuttle with Bill Clinton and Al Gore in it and a criminal organisations attempt to steal it.  Written in Wordsworth, Amiga's own equivalent to Word (perfect),  this was the title card, there were a few other documents on the disk written with Blacks Editor.  To be honest this was and still is the best we can do, as we cannot program to save our lives.

Othonna / Fenestraria.  These two succulent clips are from old copies of the BCSS journal though I suspect the Fenestraria is from memory or at least cultivation, those leaves would be buried in habitat.

Leech. Drawn from memory and yes its pretty gross looking with its swamp water filled jar and label.

Cat. Black and white image of my old cat Zoe.

Aphex Twin.  We drew this from the cover art of the Richard D James album.  Face is a little out but that makes it all the more sinister.

Finally theres some more from the LSD Doc disk 49 to finish up.

If  this proves popular then we'll add more images.

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