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Sunday, 17 October 2010

Kernow PT2. The long and winding road

Hold tiiight because we have an awful lot to get through.


Heligan.  Situated past St Austell, Heligan is a typical garden with many things to recommend it.  First is the grounds itself reclaimed from forest after the previous keepers died off in WW1.  Mainly hills with specimen trees and only a few open areas of traditional gardens, these drift into woodland proper, mixed with Rhododendrons and tree ferns just to give you the scale that something isn't quite right there.  There is a quiet kitchen garden area with a wide variety of crops including some pears trained up against  the wall and a pumpkin patch.  The best thing of course is the original glasshouses which hold melons and grapes, and a budding succulent collection including one of the biggest Pleiospilos Neli I've ever seen and a Monanthes up on the wall.
Also lurking around was more succulents including a big starfish flowered Stapelia and a big yucca. 
Further on was a lot of animals including ducks, geese, and a hide with various look outs to the outside.  The best of these had a female Pheasant in the bushes (we later saw a male but he was frightened off into the bushes by a clod hopping rambler).

So thats Heligan, near Mevagissey Cornwall.  £10 to get in.  Senior Citizens, kids and the less able considerably less.

Other Stuff. 

Looks like Pennywise has finally got round to finishing off Monty on The Run for FDS.  Full patch can be found here on RHDN.  This includes a review written by myself in my non UK guise as Monty Mole.

Excellent BX music / game thread here.
For those link phobic it asks you to come up with a genre of game and a setting and add 10 or so songs to it that you see fit.  We came up with a crap version of Singstar but with their mainstream hits replaced with absolute tat.   Coming up with this big old list we were struck by this.  Why is there never a nursery rhyme version of Singstar. 

I suspect that many of them are in the public domain, and would be cheap to licence so why hasn't there really been a sing along version for mums and dads to croon to their little ones.  Or get them to join in, with older members singing the words and that.  I know its not really cool but Singstar is basically drunken entertainment for hen parties, belting out old Hi Energy anthems and current chart hits, so why not do the same for little kids (minus the booze and Kylie). 

Other game idea.

This one also struck me as a no brainer.  A themed Nintendogs but instead of the dogs, allow you to raise Yoshi's instead.  They would look pretty cute as they bumble around and you could give them gifts of Goombas and Koopa Troopas and Watermelons too. 

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