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Sunday, 12 September 2010

September Round up.

We don't really have a big overarching theme to this Sunday's update.  We forgot we were going to talk about MTV, and that so you'll have to deal with various little things.

Contra Puzzle.
We got this freebie from an old copy of Mean Machines (purchased in Penzance, with Parodius on the cover), stuck in with a larger puzzle.  Rather than a video game its an actual 200 piece puzzle from the SNES game Contra Spirits (or Super Probotector as it was here).  Memory is telling me Konami actually did jigsaws as a sideline as well as YuGiOh! cards and Tokimeki pillows.  Anyway seeing as the internet has failed to come up with a single image this is an upload of my own (with crucially a piece missing).
This is, crucially the Japanese Box Art.

Beckenham and Croydon.

Two towns that we decided to make a trip to yesterday.  I haven't been to Beckenham in a long long while.  Home to Raven games , who used to sell PC Engine games from the back of CVG (oh arcade games too) back when it regularly gave 6 page reviews to Darkstalkers on the Saturn.

We didn't find Ravens shop and we suspect that they are soley an internet entity now.  However we did explore the town and came to the conclusion that it was rather nice with a decent Smiths and a good few charity shops.  Croydon on the other hand has gone downhill.  As a kid, we went there for Christmas shopping and to see Father Christmas over the Army and Navy store (showing my age).
Now it is totalled through the joint efforts of  junior gangstas and the happy clappy brigade of African churches.   There are a few places where its not a total abortion.  Where Beanos used to be is a few market stalls with one selling corsets! of all things.  X Electronics are still going though with a variety of odd stock in, a mix of electronics at the front and video games at the back.  A broad mix of the current and the retro with a few speccy and even Vectrex games there {It remains the only place I've actually played on a Vectrex}.

Amanda Lear.

Bizarrely shortly after we put up the post on Sat 1 and Electric Blue then I was contacted through my Myspace page to be a friend of mine.   Funny how stuff works out.

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