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Sunday, 10 December 2017


So I finally said good bye to my aunty on Monday and with some excellent if chilly weather we got down there a good 2 hours before hand.  The church itself was newly reopened after it being renovated.  A good thing about being early is that you can look around and take in the architecture before the service began. 

Wiki has a nice article on it, and its a heck of a nice church to visit even if your a secularist like myself.  The service itself was nice and what she would have wanted.  The scary thing is I felt nothing at all, I don't know if this is a autism thing but, I do miss her, its just that  I can't express it like that.  Worse through the hymns and such it kept bringing it back home to me that there really is no god, and if he is real, won't be found in some building but outside in the wild places, by the sea and over the marshes.

After the service was over  and we watched the coffin be transported away, we went to the pub for a buffet lunch. This was really nice and we grabbed a doggybag to take home.

I'll leave you with a few of the photos I took and a link to the songs used.

Ashokan Farewell Jay Ungar

J. S. Bach Excerpt  from Advent chorale

Edward Elgar Nimrod from the Enigma Variations  Originally Spiegel Im Spiegel by Arvo Part
Light rays.

Main Stained Glass Window

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Damian PT1

The whole Damian Green story is basically the Mail's hypocrisy in action.

For those that do not read The Daily Mail for fear of contracting cancer or voting Brexit, it comes down to campaigning.  The Mail is very anti porn, they want a total ban on the TGP sites and a not at all credit card style proof of age that isn't going to be hacked and used for naming and shaming. Failing that it back to relying on filters that will not work.

The crux of the story is this, Damian Green used his work PC in parliament to watch porn, a lot of porn, thumbnails and such were found by a total wuss of a cop, during an investigation, a better explanation from the Indy here.  The Mail has of course called it a frame up job, and blames liberals for urging him out.

You would think from such "moral guardians" they would be all out for him to lose his job due to evil porno, but no its full on endorsement.  I don't have a problem with the pron myself, been an avid reader for a good 25 years and the only objectionable thing I've seen is the rise of body art on models (seriously get rid, tattoos are gross).

The Mail in general is pretty good at these double standards with its sidebar of shame and leering at all grown up models and such.  Personally you'll find me on Damian's Side.

Finally before I wrap it up here is a disturbing documentary on Nabokov's Lolita and its parallels with Shirley Temple America's sweetheart.  Not all sweetness and light in fact its full on bent ref material in hindsight.  A warning for you before watching.

Whole playlist here. Seems like Nabokov was a victim rather then a perv all along.

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Clearing Out

A necessary evil, that in order to bring new stuff, old stuff must be thrown out.this includes a lot of old Micro marts from way back as well as cables and stuff. 

This also includes making room for things brought down from my aunts place in the country and we'll be setting up the scanner so a lot of old photos can be scanned in, so if you'd  like to see bits and pieces from 60's London or the numerous places she worked then I'll upload them.

Photos are currently split into four piles, family shots, old photos, photos of my aunt and stuff I've grabbed like landscapes and things that are interesting to me.  Oh and one extra pile of my cousins kids to send to her. Some of them are with nan and some are out about, but mostly shots of them in their old place before they moved away and it all fell to bits.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Bye aunty.

The toughest thing I have to write is the passing of my Aunty Jean last week.  I have posted photos of stuff when we moved her to her new place back in the summer (the CBM calculator post).  Unlike me she had a wide circle of friends and such to call on to help, so can have them do stuff and take things, but mostly its clearing out things and my parents organising various bits and pieces.

Worse that, and this is quite oddly paranormal I had the prescience that she would not make it for the past to weeks after talking to another friend of hers on Facebook.  It's a constant she's not coming back, and you can't tell anyone in case you're wrong, you're making it up and stuff.  Its just a one off and that, though I love FT and that I have fuck all psychic gifts, in fact I'm pretty sure I'm aparanormal, if that is even a thing, a total obliviousness to the supernatural world.

Apart from that though no one really had a bad word to say about her, if you ever want to know what she was like, think of the show Call the Midwife.  She was a nurse in the same sort of era in the same sort of locations too.  I'll miss her but won't be sad for her.  I have great memories of her and such, still she will be missed.

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Rebirth and The Littlest Hobo.

The weirdest thing happened this week. a workmate posting on Facebook of all places has sparked off something I'd long forgotten.  Its not TCC related but its to do with the Littlest Hobo who's show was serialised on the BBC in the mid 80's.  The thing is I barely remember it, I know that there was a kid in it and a dog and maybe a van.  But the most striking thing I can remember is that they had a tyre shaped gold UFO / robot. You want to know how sketchy my memory of this is, I originally thought it had the head of Crow from MST3K, but probably didn't.  I do know that the kid and the dog had to keep it safe and had to keep moving hence the title. bout the same era as Mysterious Cities of Gold and the Anime Belle and Sebastian so 85 -86 then.

Found it is Benji, Zax and the Alien prince. and yes the robot is both a mix of crow and floating yellow tyre.  Also that theme tune is rad as hell.

In other news it seems that Roland the bastards have forced the take down of Rebirth 303, one of the first ever 303 emulation software and such.  Only reminded me of it as I have a  copy and an old laptop and wondered if I could install it and make the bassline from Drake's Passionfruit in it. 

It seems that the new Roland Rental thing and re issue of its classic line of hardware drum machines was the catalyst for its  take down.

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Still VHS Mess

Still working out how to grab stuff here. Virtualdub has as sync problem where audio plays naturally but all visuals are sped up like in old Benny Hill.  Ironic seeing that I'm trying grab some bits from the end of Benny, specifically some bits from channel 4's new years line up.  Eurotrash, Adam and Joe show and TFI Friday with Chris Evans before it goes into Mel Brooks Robin Hood Men in Tights.

We have old Vegas here cracked and patched for it and will try again to see if it will grab stuff from the dongle as well.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Islington and Wimbledon

Vhs mess continues and this time Virtualdub is playing nicely with all the sound synced up ready to go.  Tried a few more programs before coming back to Virtualdub.  Its spat out a 4gb file for about 4 mins of footage, after encoding we've got it down to 400mb as a MP4 file.  Anyway on with the show.

Two trips to places I've been but once before.  First one was to Wimbledon home of the tennis and more importantly terminus of both the District line and the tram. Bit of a weird thing going on here as I seemed to pick up a lot of  DJ Sneak stuff including his Fabric live mix and a few albums, ended up with about 5 albums and mixes by the end which was cool.

The second is more important  than that. We were lured back to Angel, with the promise of free stuff out the front of Flashback Records. Of course it wasn't free, but was reasonably priced and got a few more good things, including Black Devil. Kid606 CDs and a few funk / Nitzer Ebb singles. 

Islington itself still is a  massive lefty ponce hole, we spotted one cunt with a man bun and assorted pricks in a pub so its come as a shock to find that we found a new arcade.

Opposite Angel tube station.
Almost walked past this, only seeing the words Tekken out the corner of my eye forced me to stop and then seeing a pool table almost made me walk on.  Persevere though and you'll come to the good stuff.  A warning there is no shmups at present but there is a few good things there to tempt you.

They have a list here for the impatient but I can say it leans heavily on the dancing genre with only a SF4 for the beat em up crowd. 

The interesting stuff is of course the visual Pinball cab they have displaying some sort of Frankenstein pin table. Looking around there were a few more cabs to choose from but I hope they were better quality than that.

Which brings us to the two puzzle games, Puzzle Bobble which is always a blast, and Tetris Grandmaster the Terror Instinct. 

Yeah that one,  even easy is no picnic, and this guy's playing on master.  Not pictured, but definitely included is a Sakura mode where you clear glowing gems by making lines.  I wonder if the Homebrew DS version is still around.