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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Holiday 17 Tv Rules edition

Quite a lot to discuss here so will be quick and to the point. for once.  Our TV selection was quite small this year with a few things fucked for most of the holidays (CNN and BBC world service) or not tuned in well (ZDF in German). 

Yet again there was no return of the Ruleta del sexo so no stripping and for obscure reasons no psychics either.  The live music had a few things of interest including a bit of classical and someone playing a pin table to some ropey euro house.
Sadly this is as in focus as it gets.
After some digging it turned out to be KZ-26 from Playmatic a Spanish company (who else), there is a Video of some noises and the back marquee here.

They still had BVM and the Tetris quiz show is called Blokken and is still neat for all Flemish / Dutch speakers.

We had quite a few English channels including the main 4 and a selection of odd choices from the freeview pot.  Travel channel mainly showed either Baggage Bandits (cool) Garage Gold which sounds like a compilation I'd own but its more of the same and Alaska shit.

There was a fuzzy Russia Toady and three music channels.  Vintage TV which showed old stuff and wasn't very good.  Now that's what I call 80's which is more of the same but better and Channel A.K.A.  A.K.A. stop playing that gangsta shit and do your cunting homework before I ground you.

Best of all is Afro channel ABN a mix of Joy news, joyless christ mongs, Reggae and highlife music and badly dubbed Telenovelas.  Bella Calamidad (Beautiful but Unlcky or Pretty Unfortunate as I call it) is quite hilarious where everyone has a strong Brooklyn accent and gives off that 10th generation porn vibe.

Spanish channels were OK, mainly news and such. Its a twin skewer of some tragic events including the Grenfell Block fire and a re run of the truck of peace.  They made a big deal of skateboard man, a Spanish guy who lost his life trying to stop the jihadi truck twats.  Good to know that estate means Barrio in Spanish (along with Sesame Street). Sadly didn't see any Doraemon this time which I always look forward to.

I also finally found out the name of the horribly stilted English language program on La Dos which is That's English, where I learned that Pizza means pizza in English and they went to LlanfairPG in Wales. 
In a neat synchronicity they had some welsh speakers on the shuttle bus back home all in all a grand trip.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Holiday 17

Here is part one of our annual holiday report.

Went to Fuengirola on the Costa Del Sol which like last time we only briefly visited before.  We stayed at the Hotel Angela which specialises in breaks for old folk and stuff so its trousers for evening wear and other totally regressive stuff but apart from that isn't half bad.  Quite a nice hotel and my room again was pretty decent, with good views of the front and more importantly the hotel across the way, ideal for the inbuilt Nosey Parker in me.  Pool wasn't bad and wasn't deep either, food although limited was pretty damn good, also they had a few theme nights including Spanish night, with a few people playing guitar in court dress like old time minstrels.  Spent most of that night not singing there's only one Alan Shearer whenever they played Guantanamera.

The main beach is quite nice with rough sand and some building work going on as they rebuilt a monument to fisherman, including what would be some nice inlay work on the floor.
They had more of that sort of thing further down, with more fishing monuments and a big peseta stuck in a rock.

Big Peseta
The sea itself, didn't offer much up for me, the rocks held the usual, urchins, crabs and a few fish including a red fish with a black head that I will seriously need to research, what the hell it is.
In fact there wasn't much life out there, a few bits and pieces on the dried up river banks and cliffs and a black headed Warbler that sounded like a lawn sprinkler being the best.  

Antique Dealers.

We did a few cultural trips out to the hypermarket and Torremolinos, but nothing like Mulassa this time so no dancing panto horses or folklore this time.  In fact Torremolinos has built itself up as a gay town, sadly based on the sort of Big Brother out and proud annoying sort.  Fine for the first five times but bloody annoying the rest of the time.  Apart from that there is something for everyone there including a Poundland offshoot called Dealz.  They had a tramp outside when we visited and it sold booze as well, god knows what its like as mercifully I don't drink.
Spare change for a cup of tea.

In fact this was a recurring theme, along with charity Shops, yes charity shops or Tienda Benefica as they are known in Spain.  First time I ever saw one here and they rule.  Our band of tramps included a dead spit for the Technoviking in short shorts, a greasy bloke with an Casio keyboard and a man with a really nice dog.  You saw them at the beach or walking round local market, which sold everything from Dogtanian stuff to African art.  I maxed out my case allowance so couldn't bring home any vinyl I found.  No Italo disco (Max Him, Scotch) or disco edits including a Skatt Bros edit or Cereal Lovers Edit by Ray Mang.  I did however grab some CDs so we have a few nice things to listen to (including a Surgeon CD which I got cheap). 

The Eroski mall is now the Miramar, and is decked out in proper shops not weird kiddy rides and pet stores.  They have a game which seems to have an impressive back catalogue of PSP games and massively unsold copies of COD for PS3.  There's a Primark and a C+A as well as some local stuff and a Tiger too. Best of all, escaping from a highly toxic election environment and getting away from it all.

Monday, 29 May 2017

Election 17

We have a general election coming soon and for the first time in my life, I'm not bothering voting.
I'll make no bones that  there will be another hiatus to this channel coming soon and the period I'm away will encompass the actual election.  I could get a postal vote but seeing as I've only ever seen a campaign leaflet for Labour and one independent candidate. Have a read of some badly written nonsense on the Bexley Times website for an overview of my local area (seriously was the sub editor on lunch or something).

To be fair that independent candidate does sound really ace as I found a small booklet of his discarded on the street, a full on old school liberal, that will be lucky to outshine the Christian weirdo's there (spoiler Labour will win as always).

Talking about weirdos The Mail were laying into the UKIP Manifesto on Friday despite them endorsing the cut to overseas aid and a few other campaign policies.  Whole manifesto here if you can give a damn.  The cut price version is half proper Tory manifesto and half Monster Raving Loony, we don't ban burqas here as we're not French, but I'm with you on Brexit and that. Apart from that I can't vote UKIP with their cut price poundshop logo and Edward Hitler as boss.

Paul Nuttall here.

The Tories want to kill off their only voters the old and at the same time also kill off all porn and everything that makes the net worth living under vague civil liberties. They'll probably get it too thanks to that Manchester bombing, Hence an independent.  I can't vote for Labour as they have already won here, also Jeremy Corbyn is a horrible terrorist sympathiser and a Marxist weirdo. Picture him as PM its a car crash.

Worse is Tim Farron, Lib Dem boss, a (should be) committed Christian that has an abysmal record on all things anti gay and looks like a bad photocopy of old Paddy Ashdown former leader of the Libs.  They also are of the delusion that Brexit didn't happen and we can still be friends in Europe, so its glad that I found a pic of him holding a pint of milk a"well known" racist metaphor and looking uncomfortable as fuck. 

Sieg Heil Timothy.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

State of the worlds plants 2016

Kew have finally spunked out their review of the worlds flora 2016 with a few good surprises for everyone.  It includes more wild varieties of Manioc and a new highly localised Parsnip from Turkey, as well as some re classifications through genetic analysis , which includes Paubrasilia a national tree of Brazil which has been hived off from Caesalpina.  I like the Mail's take on this which links some new species of Aloe from *South Africa which aren't in the report at all.  (Thankfully there are new species of Aloe being found but its normally either Kenya or Madagascar which are the hotspot areas).

The top news is that news of this was actually a few months old, as a preliminary list of this appeared up on Kew's Science blog back in February but we'll ignore that as there's a shiny new website complete with PDF download of the entire report here.

A lot of this makes sobering reading as most are threatened and critically endangered, largely due to habitat loss, either dam projects or mining concerns a lot of species hang in the balance here.

Anyway that is the state of the worlds plants.

*Brain cells, The Aloe species come from the front page of the pdf where it looks like the Mail has copy pasted extensively from.  Incidentally been trawling through last years back issues of the BCSS journal looking for any sign of these new Aloes and can only find mentions from Yemen and Kenya rather then South Africa.  Although I can remember an article in Bradleya our year book of them being cliff dwellers of some sort, I cannot remember what year it is could well be from 2016 and of course I don't actually have that years Bradleya.

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Lullingstone Park

Went here today, a nice day out all told, with a walk down by the river and across the fields. Nothing can really beat Kent at this time of year, especially when the sun is out.  Came back to some crazy gospel bollocks all about the end of the world on our doorstep.  We are literally getting like America now and sadly my old vista workhorse used to power the printer doesn't power on now so will have to do some investigation to see what it could be.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Electronic Gaming Monthly.

This week I've been clearing away some junk, that is mainly old copies of EGM from the Mid 2000's and onward.  Still have a few copies up on top of the wardrobe from the mid 90's to go through, that also has the phone book sized xmas edition from 94 with Donkey Kong Country in.

These though were well past their prime with only Seanbaby making me laugh still.  There is still an emphasis on ads too which is baffling as UK mags never really carried them and even then it was cringy stuff from Woolies and the like.  There is a few odd ads there too including some anti weed stuff, the highly weird Seaman ad and David Beckham telling you to drink more milk, so football obviously has some impact there in the states now instead of the usual handegg. 

There is also the return of crap westernized anime artwork, this time for Castelvania Portrait Of Ruin as well as much better attempt for one of the Tales games (though in hindsight they just used some official artwork). I wont be sad to see them go its not terrible but they weren't an absolute joy pit like EDGE became.

Sunday, 30 April 2017


Have a few more terrible god leaflets today.  One is about the Titanic and not the terrible movie from James Cameron. This concerns Pastor John Harper preaching the word as he slowly drowned and how you can be saved if you read a small prayer on the back.  I didn't keep it but did google who he was.  I kinda like his entry on Encyclopaedia Titanica which is short and to the point, rather than the leaflet which is full on god mental.