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Sunday, 19 March 2017


Well this is quite the thing, have you ever seen a business card CD? Sometimes I would come across them on Discogs and such but never thought I'd find one in the wild.

As the title suggests this is a business card promo DVD of Aqualungs Still Life Album that I found for sale at a charity shop up town. I don't like rock and roll let alone fey indie rock much but this is an oddity I had to have and as its going cheap £1 decided to see what all the fuss is about. 

First of all, I'd like to say that it doesn't really work on windows 10 but what you should see is a Macromedia flash front end that will play certain short clips from the album of the same name.  You can access these by looking at all files on the DVD instead of booting up the flash front end.

You get 1min clips of Easier to Lie and Brighter than Sunshine and a loop of some other song I don't care about.

I do like the concept though, as its so small and compact you could easily put a single out on this. 50MB will easily hold about 6 songs at 320K can't really imagine why it didn't take off as such though the weird shape is probably off putting and that.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Lamb Update

We've been going through a load of old magazines hoping to see what can be thrown away and what can be scanned for posterity. As well as mags we've also taken to task a few old cassette decks too including a nice Hitachi that simply won't play tapes and in fact chewed up our lamb tape a few times before being dumped.

So what's on the tape then.  Well its mostly recipes of Lamb as I've said before its a collab with Colmans Mustard and  there is a special treat too.  For some reason half of side A has been taped over with an old episode of Watchdog, you can tell its old as it has Lynn Faulds Wood and John Stapelton on it, no Anne Robinson here.  Mostly its concerning about a holiday scam set up as prizes but never going through.  The other bits are apologies concerning a sex line mix up and viewers in Scotland having to wait to the early hours to see the show itself (its pre iPlayer so you'll have to tape it instead).

Apart from Watchdog, it mainly contains well lamb and recipes of lamb and such.  There are a few musical interludes mainly generic Greek and Far Eastern library music for recipes on kebabs and pilaf rice but the rest is spoken word.  I can imagine this would be good for cut ups as well as lamb recipe fanatics too, there's quite a lot of talk about meat and such as well as slits and stuff. Will have to dump the audio when I'm done with records in general, though that may be in 2066.

Here is the entire inlay in case it rings any bells and such.

Also this is the last time I type Lamb for ages.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Micro Mart.

Decided not to go back for those two records after all as to be honest I didn't put any money down to reserve them and its the other side of town.  Still pretty regressive of them not to sell them to me priced seeing as I could probably get a fair deal on them for now.  Anyway on with today's sermon.

There's been quite a few things that have come to the end that I quite enjoyed reading, such as Micro Mart for one.    A British computer magazine that for once  covered the whole range of PCs, from a monthly 8 bit column to articles on Linux, Mac and PC itself via Amiga stuff.   I didn't get every issue but after stumbling across it I did get it when it had an interesting cover and that.  And now its gone as of the new year its finished thanks to falling sales and print media dying off.  A shame as it was always a good read. 

In a related vein Computer Music Magazine has stopped their trackers and Demo scene column due to lack of interest as well.  As someone who cannot get on with Fruity Loops style interface and such its a shame that its gone too (but understanding if its not popular) as it gave quite a bit of info regarding new tracker releases.  Its still worth it for free plug in round up and the back page classic hardware look back and what soft synth recreates this (or what effect if its a filter or reverb).

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Hostage in Hammersmith

For the past few days I've had the most oddest thing happen to me, I've had records being held hostage so to speak from me.  The worst thing about this is how banal this actually is and has some parallels with Byuu and his recent drama with some PAL Snes games lost via USPS. 

I'll start with my story, a few days off from work and that and a trip out to Hammersmith on the other side of town.  A few successful things found including some Orbital CDS (Satan and Peel Session mainly) and quite a bit of over priced vinyl that included some that weren't priced up but were sufficiently new to me to pique my interest.  These included the Justin Robertson Mixes of Boss Drum by The Shamen and a Josh Wink remix of N-Joi Bad Things two cracking mid 90's dance cuts that I'll conservatively price at £3 for arguments sake.

Sadly though, these weren't priced and they couldn't sell them to me but the woman in charge said she would put them aside for me with my name on them and if I came back tomorrow she said they would be priced and ready to go.  So I decided to come back on the Friday and see if anything had changed but, nothing of course has.  I was told by a different woman that the person who prices vinyl wasn't in. 

So I'll leave it a week and come back and see if my situation has changed, but in the meantime my records remain hostage until someone comes back and prices them out.

In  the meantime have a look at a racially insensitive comedians record from Rhodesia that was also on sale there.

Futi Chilapalapa by Wrex Tarr.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Pewdiepie and Nazi's and humour and that.

Pewdiepie is an actual racist, he's a full on 1488er that want's to exterminate the Jews and that or so if you buy into what the press is saying about this depressing outrage over latest vids and such. 

To be honest I don't care about Pewds, I've seen his videos once or twice but to be honest I thought fun that they are they're not for me. My cousin seemed to rate him though which is something I guess but as I say it was just more promoted Youtube bollocks, like kids react will it blend or Jenna Fucking Marbles.

Apparently though he was a full on hitler youth If you believe the Wall Street Journal and he's managed to piss off Disney who were promoting and advertising with him.  All I can say is good on yer mate, online advertising is cancer and if you've ever surfed without adblock you'll know how bad the net can be especially on the pron side of things.  Yeah it seems he was doing this to troll his advertisers and isn't a Nazi at all, just a bit of black humour.

On a side note as google is being cunty at the moment we finally got the Kangz leaflet off of my old PC and will share it here as it doesn't like it me editing the original post.

Aboriginal Morgan Freeman approves.

Sunday, 12 February 2017


Here's an odd bit of promotional bollocks that I picked up recently, a tape all about lamb. 

How to get the best from lamb, a "joint" production from Woman magazine and Colman's Mustard is an odd mix of instruction and recipe stretched over a tape.  From the era of women's magazines that prized domesticity and hearth and home over cheap sensationalism or Kim Cardassian's new look. 
There are recipes for Roast lamb with bacon and apricot glaze and moussaka as well as lists of the type of cuts and a guide for wines to drink with it (pro tip don't drink wine its vile).

Apart from that, I haven't had the chance to listen to it as my tape player is pretty lame. Will have to crank this out on the boombox to see if it has any comedy or sampling potential.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

We wuz Kangz.

A junk tour to Croydon and to see if they would have the Final rework of Shin Megami Tensei 4 as there is quite a few indie shops there and its on a physical cart here whereas the original was Eshop only.  Sadly though I've had no such luck there, although they had a wall of Speccy and C64 games in Playnation (Beebul cassette anyone?) 

Came out and they had the Dualers playing some reggae music down by what used to be Allders (rather nice too) and it all went downhill after that.  Croydon is largely terrible for junk touring as there are few charity shops and its a rabid UKIP base which isn't even the worst thing about it.  Croydon is sadly infested with weirdo christians, due to a high ethnic population I've seen so many of them out on the street from full choirs to a few Gurkha's playing a guitar like last time. 

This time I found something that takes the cake, a full pamphlet on Afrocentrism or as you might know it We Wuz Kangz and sheit.

Seriously in Poundland there were a few leaflets laying around saying that Jesus was black and the lost tribes of Israel was black or native American. I'm no racist in fact I'm a fully paid up fence sitting Liberal but this type of nonsense does no one any good. Of course Jesus wasn't white, if he actually existed he'd have Jewish or Arabic features as befits those from the middle east.  He would and I repeat not look like Morgan Freeman on crack, like he did there.   Also relying on the Bible for evidence is retarded.  A distillation from numerous sources codified as whole in the 4th century from a variety of now long dead Christian sects and movements good luck with that.

And none of them mention race or native fucking Americans as half of the lost tribes of Israel.